Auto Key Replacement – Newest Trends

Almost every car style has its own style of car key.  There are key fobs that can start the car and all you need is a key in your pocket.  Some cars can move forward or backward by the key fob command and no one is driving the car.  So we see that it is all about style and making the driving experience easy and comfortable. Of course the key fob that starts your car remotely to heat it or cool it before you drive is a popular comfort to date.  To replace these car fobs or keys can be something to be researched before you may need to do such a thing. It depends why you need the key replaced.

Auto Key Replacement

 Transponder keys have computer chips in them and it makes it a quicker fix.  Saving time and money is usually of the utmost importance when you are considering how often you need your car.  If you merely lock your car key inside your vehicle, normally you can just call a lock smith to open your vehicle and retrieve your keys.

Auto Key

But let’s say you lose your key and that is the only one you have with you and you are out of town.  Or maybe the key broke in half. Or maybe someone took your keys and you are concerned that they may come back later and use the key fob to locate your car in the parking lot at work?   

You can replace your key by Calling a locksmith (The most expensive way usually).

With today’s trendy newer cars, including some vehicles dating back to around 2003, you can call a car dealer that will walk you through the process.  You won’t even need another key. You will have to take your registration with your VIN number into the dealer, with your I.D. to prove you are the rightful owner trying to obtain a key.  You will need to take a cab or have another company or friend take you to the dealer. The cost of this activity depends on the distance between your car and the appropriate car dealer that you need to visit.   Call them ahead of time, so they are ready to accommodate. They may need to order parts, or have a technician available for you when you arrive. 

Then you just wait at the dealer for your new key to be cut according to the specific car that you purchased. The purchase documentation is recorded and available online to the dealer.  This is so much easier and time saving for consumers. Then they program your key to your specific car and the V.I.N. number that you provided. You take the key and return to your car with instructions on how to program your car to accept the new key.  This is just one way to get a car key without having your car present or having a key for them to use.

Now of course you may try to do this yourself, but research it thoroughly and don’t forget to watch plenty of YouTube videos, before you try this.

As technology moves forward, we use smart phones and the Cloud to start our cars and replace the need for a car key.  We can choose who else can start our cars by using a smart phone app. To replace a car key in the future, you can only guess what will be available, but science moves forward at an alarming rate.  

Security issues arise and car keys have evolved; and the newer car keys are designed to improve security conditions and ease the experience when a key is lost or stolen.  Car keys have a history, because science seeks to find solutions to problems as they arise.  Imagine having a scanner to make an otherwise complicated car key replacement.   They only need to scan the key itself in order to get the perfect key cut. Science has once more prevailed and this technique is available for certain car makes.  

The most important thing you can do in case of a car key replacement need, is to research in advance.

  • What kind of car do you have?
  • What “make” is it?
  • What “model” is it?
  • What V.I.N. ?
  • Do you need to make car key duplicates just in case?

With all of the newest technology available today for car key replacement,  instructions are often just a click away and available on your smart phone, home computer or laptop.

Don’t wait until you are stranded; since sitting in your car in inclement weather and reprogramming a car key can be uncomfortable or dangerous depending on the temperature.  Sometimes reprogramming your car key will take one half hour, and may need to be repeated before it actually works.  

Plan ahead, look into what is available, duplicate your car key and happy driving.

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