Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Probably you will read this article because you have plan to apply ceramic coating on your car. The question right now running inside your mind is that does ceramic coating upholds all its hype. So the article will mainly deal with the benefits of ceramic coating for car. It will try to answer all your questions related to benefits and also clarify all the myths.

Benefits of Ceramic

The Basics

Probably you want your car to look very nice, shiny and clean but it is very hard to maintain a car but you can if follow certain traits. One of the basic thing is protecting your cars surface. And to protect your car different owners choose different products. Some like to wax their surface, some likes to add sealant and some go for ceramic coating. The article mainly will focus on ceramic coatings advantages. In a line this can be said that the article will try to answer the question regarding why you choose ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating is basically a chemical polymer which applied over a cars surface just to acquire a protective layer over the paint job. Ceramic coating reacts with the the paint of the surface and ends up creating a extra protective layer over the paint job. And this new layer makes the paint layer untouched from harmful pollutants.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

The coating basically is a hydrophobic layer which blends in by making sure all the different kinds of components that are harmful to the surface like mud, dust, dirt, bird droppings, chemical pollutants, UV rays etc stays away from the paint job of the car.                                

The Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Car or Bike

There are certain beneficial reasons which stands out to make someone to choose ceramic coating. These benefits are extra glossiness, protection from UV-rays, protection from dirt and other chemicals.  There are many automotive blogs from where I have taken the actual information for you to make very easy to understand.

  • Protection from Sun Rays :  Sun exposes the very harmful UV rays on the surface of a car. The rays end up harming the paint of the car. But you can easily protect your car by adding a layer of ceramic coating over the paint of the car and the coating will protect your car from oxidizing, paint fading and other problems.
  • Protection from Chemicals : As driving your car everyday there’s a huge chance of chemical exposing to it and the rate of pollution is also very high in the cities. As a result the car surface has a huge chance of getting exposed to different and harmful chemicals. As a result here ceramic can also play a very vital role. Ceramic coating works very sufficiently as a protective layer. The layer protects the surface the car from different chemicals which may end up reacting with the paint and harming it but the ceramic coating is basically here makes sure that your car surface is protected from all the harmful chemicals.     
  • Hydrophobic : A hydrophobic surface is very important for a car. This is because sometimes water contains different kind of other contaminants like dirt, acid etc but if the surface is hydrophobic then it is very easy to avoid all these harmful contaminants. Ceramic coating is very much hydrophobic and this hydrohobic quality stop making water stay on the surface. As a result the water based has no chance of staying too long on the surface to harm the paint.    
  • Easy Cleaning and Protection from Bird Dropping, Dirt, Dust or Mud :  Ceramic coating makes a car surface very easy to clean. This is because the surface already is a protective layer which from the very start will not let any kind dirt or dust sit on the surface for easy to clean function. The coating also makes sure the surface is protected from bird dropping. Different kind mud has different effects on the surface but all of are prohibited and harmful as result ceramic coating first works as a protective layer which makes sure the debris does not come in contact with the  paint surface and then works as a easy to clean layer.
  • Shinny Surface : The ceramic coating comes with a more shinny surface. This happens because the coating reacts with paint and the sits on the surface very smoothly and thus adding a protective layer on the surface. The reaction comes out with the best result with the enhancement of the gloss. This super glossy effect has made the popularity of ceramic coating go up.
  • Long Lasting :  Ceramic coating last longer than other paint protection coatings. Other paint protections such as wax or traditional coatings has very hard time dealing with pollutants like bird droppings, chemicals or dirt. These pollutants end up weakening the wax like coatings. As a result wax like traditional coating tend to last not very long but ceramic coating lasts very long because it deals with the polluting components very well and by which a coat like this last for years.
  •  No Need for Waxing : There was a time when car owners used to wax the car for the protection purpose of the car. But if you apply a layer of ceramic coating over the surface then your car does not require any waxing over it. This is because ceramic coating is way does all the things that waxing does but in a better way.
  • Money Saving : The fact is that ceramic coating is very much efficient. This is because of two reasons first is that ceramic coating needs only one apply where wax or sealant needs multiple applying. And secondly wax last for 3 months to a year but ceramic coating lasts longer than that. As a result ceramic coating is very much cost efficient than other paint protection coatings.                                                

Wrap Up

Owning a car comes with its maintenance ways. As you drive your car outside it definitely has an exterior which known as the surface of your vehicle. Your paint job takes two of the tasks regarding the surface. One is to decorate the surface and another is to protect the surface from oxidization stuffs but the paint job is also very vulnerable.

 This is why many pollutants like bird droppings, chemical components, dirt, mud can harm the paint job. And to save the paint job there comes ceramic coating. In the market of different kinds of protective solutions ceramic coating has its place for certain benefits it provide and this article discusses that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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