Benefits of Full Suspension Ebikes

Are you in the market for a full suspension ebike? If you are a beginner rider, you should stop right here. Full suspension ebikes were designed for advanced riders who often take on rugged mountain terrains. These ebikes are not for those who are starting to learn. If you are an advanced rider, you’re in luck. We have compiled some great benefits for deciding if a full suspension ebike suits you.

Benefits of Full Suspension Ebikes

What are Full Suspension Ebikes?

Full suspension ebikes are electric bikes with front and rear suspension shocks. These shocks work together to absorb the bumps you come across on rough terrain. Thus, the shocks provide for a less harrowing ride. This element may be a con to some riders that enjoy the challenge. A full suspension ebike could be an excellent option if you’re an advanced rider who is often annoyed with harsh terrain.

Full suspension ebikes are ideal for:

  • Downhill
  • Trail Riding
  • Enduro
  • CX

Benefits of Full Suspension Ebikes

Full suspension ebikes can improve a ride in many ways:

  • They provide better traction control 
  • The suspension system absorbs and lessens the vibrations of rough terrain.
  • You are less likely to lose your forward momentum on trails.
  • These bikes are innovative and allow for more adjustability.
  • You can maintain higher speeds.

Cons of Full Suspension Ebikes

No matter how innovative they become, full suspension ebikes aren’t perfect. The cons of these bikes include:

  • The price tag is extremely high and can run you from $800-$1,200.
  • They are not considered the best for beginner riders since they make things too easy, and the rider can potentially develop lazy habits.
  • Full suspension ebikes are usually a little on the heavier side.
  • They are not as versatile and are only meant for rough terrains. 
  • Full suspension ebikes require more maintenance than different types of bikes, and that could result in spending even more money on them. 

Suppose you are an advanced rider that goes on mountain adventures often. In that case, a full suspension ebike might be an excellent option for you. They will make your ride run a lot smoother. However, if you enjoy the thrill of a rough ride, these bikes will probably not do much for you. These bikes are for the adventurous rider that also wants a bit of an easier time.

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