2019 Best ATV Brands

Shopping for an ATV in 2019? 

Off-roading is a passionate hobby for those who love tearing it up in nature. Four-wheeled ATVs are also an integral part of working life for other people. So, when assessing different brands of ATVs for 2019, the first consideration should be to determine how the machine will be used.

Looking at the market you will find a wealth of name brands in this vehicle segment – Honda, Polaris, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Arctic Cat – all top ATVs for sale in the U.S. 

Which ATV Should I Buy? 

The model that is best for you depends on your experience as a rider. If you are just starting out and looking for that first vehicle, your best bet would be one of the entry-level vehicles that are easier to handle. They are somewhat lighter and a bit less powerful than top-end vehicles targeting riders that are more experienced. They also have a more appealing entry-level cost for those just getting into the market. 

Honda is ranked as the most reliable ATV brand by most reviewers in the marketplace. It has been making these vehicles since 1968 and it has become known for building vehicles that are tough and simple in their design. They became known as a workhorse since in the early years many farmers seized on the vehicles as a very useful tool for farming. One to consider is the 2019 Honda Fourtrax four X 4, which comes at an affordable list price of $6,399. 

Another brand that is highly rated for toughness is Polaris. They have been making ATVs for all market segments for more than 60 years. Recently, Polaris has been chosen by U.S. Army Special Operations forces as a vehicle of choice. Polaris offers a wide range of models and for 2019 offers a great choice with the Sportsman 450 H.O. that has a list price of $6,249. 

Yamaha is another ATV that deserves strong consideration as it has been making ATVs with many features that you will enjoy – particularly the electronic power steering and Ultramatic transmission. The 4-wheel drive vehicles that they put on the market are well known for their reliability and 4-wheel hydraulic disc brake system. Yamaha has several models in the top ranks but if you are an experienced rider looking for something special, the 2019 Grizzly EPS SE is certainly one to consider at a list price of $10,499. 

Ask any experienced trail rider and they will acknowledge that Can-Am makes top of the line machines. Can-Am is well known for its technical features such as its TRAIL ACTIVE mode that allows you to ride at maximum speeds while in 4-wheel drive. It is known for maximum power vehicles that have very good handling and traction capabilities. Can-Am has more than a couple of models on most reviewers’ top lists and for 2019 you will be especially impressed by their Outlander Max XT 850 model which gives you top of the line features for a list price of $11,949. 

Arctic Cat has some of the best vehicles for novice or entry-level riders in the market. It manufactures vehicles that will get that new rider onto the trail with enough power and agility to whet their appetite and make them become ATV enthusiasts. A great model for 2019 is the Arctic Cat Alterra 300. It is light at under 500 pounds and has good ground clearance. It has a standard fuel tank that is larger than most of its competitors, which combined with its lighter weight, gives it a huge mileage range. This model comes at a very affordable list price of $4,299. 

Kawasaki is well known in powersport circles and has a range of models that will fit the needs of any rider. It offers models specially designed for youths, and some very highly regarded utility/recreational vehicles in all price ranges. Yamaha has two youth models; the KFX 50 that list for under $2,000 and the more powerful KFX 90 that prices out at $2,599. A top choice from Kawasaki in 2019 is its Brute Force 750 4X4 EPS CAMO model that has the features and power that the experienced rider wants at a list price of $10,599. 

A Few Final Words 

The models highlighted above are some of the top choices of reviewers. To find the brand and model that suits you, pay a visit to a dealer such as MotoMax for ATVs in Raleigh to see them all and try them out.

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