Best classic car manufactures in the world

One topic that is a popular debate amongst classic car enthusiasts is which manufacture is the best in the continent or in the world. While some argue that this is a very subjective topic, others say that personal opinion is not needed here and allows us to talk about popularity and sales statistics. Although distinguishing the best manufacturer would be more than difficult, we introduce you some of the most appreciated classic car manufactures in the world:

Best classic car manufactures in the world

Lincoln Motor Company. The first Lincoln car was built one hundred years ago by Henry Leland, former president of the Cadillac Motor Company. It was his idea to name the new car model after the first president of America. The company focused on building luxury vehicles and is marketed among the top classic car brands in the United States. Suffice it to remind just a few this manufacturer’s car models such as 1929 Lincoln L Dietrich Convertible Coupe, 1939 Lincoln Continental or 1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan in order to understand why this brand is deservedly called one of the best.

Pontiac by General Motors. Pontiac has remained one of the most famous names in engineering of all times. Talented and meticulous developer Edward Murphy started his business in 1893, creating buggies. But seeing the growing demand for cars and thinking he could offer people exactly what they need, Edward Murphy started making cars. And it was a great decision. For example, in 1926, according to Detroit News at the time, this manufacturer sold more than 75,000 cars. Although Pontiac was discontinued, these cars are definitely recorded in history.

Morgan Motor Company. The Britain’s longest established motor manufacturer brand offers three different models: 2 Wheeler, Plus Four and Plus Six. Looking at the Morgan cars produced today, you will easily notice that the manufacturer has remained faithful to the original idea, the exclusive design of the car and the specifics of production. These sport cars are built using three core elements: wood, aluminium and leather. Each one is powered by BMW, Ford or S&S engine. That’s why even if the manufacturer focuses on heritage value but you probably won’t have to complain about the lack of speed.

Rolls Royce Motors. The first car by Henry Royce was built in 1904. That was the start point of all the story of the famous car brand. As the first and subsequent attempts to build cars were extremely successful, Rolls-Royce Company was established two years later. Although due to the need of the country, the company had started to produce airplanes as well, but cars have remained what makes the company well known today.

Nash Motors Company. Since this American manufacturer was building cars from 1916 to 1954, this brand is not as known as the others we have mentioned above. However, Nash Motors was the eighth among the car manufacturers selling the largest number of cars in 1920s. That should not come as a surprise. The Nash cars not only had an attractive design in the market at the time but also cost less than other brands.

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