Best Coccyx Cushions

The older we get, the more loving, caring and supportive our bodies become. Sometimes problems such as arthritis, sciatica, leg pain, back pain and others can develop. The pain caused by these ailments can be difficult to deal with, but a quality coccyx cushion can come to the truck driver’s aid. 

What is a coccyx cushion?

The coccyx cushion is a special O-shaped or U-shaped cushion designed to relieve the pressure of the coccyx, while offering support for the rest of the body and spine. The cushion is placed on the seat and dissipates pressure on the spine. This way your spine will be less compressed and pain free during the entire working day. 

Best car Coccyx Cushions

Do coccyx cushions work?

Coccyx cushions relieve pressure from coccyx and the lower back, support and align the rest of the spine. The coccyx actually hangs in the air without pressure from below due to the shape of the coccyx pillow. This helps the spine to decompress and expand, allowing you to sit without pain for much longer than in a usual seat. 

Benefits of the coccyx cushion

  • Coccyx pain relief.If you have a sedentary job and your coccyx hurts, a coccyx pillow will help you eliminate the discomfort. 
  • Low back pain relief. The tilt available in the coccyx cushion helps the body lean slightly forward, which helps the spine to sit properly. 
  • Improved posture. The coccyx cushion forces the spine into an upright position, which significantly reduces stooping and improves posture. 
  • Recovery from childbirth. Sometimes sitting in a normal chair after childbirth can be accompanied by painful sensations. A coccyx cushion supports the pelvis and relieves pressure from the coccyx.

The best coccyx cushions models on the market

1. Ergonomic Innovations tailbone pillow

The donut shape of the Ergonomic Innovations tailbone is the ideal cushion for truckers suffering from back pain. The foam core is 100% polyurethane and the material is 100% polyester, which is washable by machine. You can buy the ComfiLife cushion from Amazon.

2. The Pressure Relief Seat Cushion by Cushion Lab

This pillow is scientifically designed by the company’s ergonomists to relieve pressure on the coccyx and hips, improving posture when sitting in any chair. The patented extra-dense memory carbon foam provides all-day support. It also has a tenacious bottom layer that holds it securely in place on the chair. This model is small, making it easy to take with you on the road. The cover is soft, making it comfortable to sit on even in shorts. 

3. The Deluxe Freedom Combo by Contour Living

This model provides the best support for any type of chair. Perfect for uncomfortable car seats and office chairs. The bottom is the popular Kabooti chair, which has seven distinctive characteristics to correctly position your body and provide ergonomic support where you need it most. It also has the Freedom Back lumbar support, giving you the perfect seating support system. Buy this combo at Contour Living website.

4. The Seat Cushion by Brentwood Home

This cushion is not a specialized tailbone cushion, but it does help relieve pressure from your tailbone while you sit. If you need a cushion that makes your sitting more comfortable, this option will suit you.  Brentwood offers it in two different colors of soft fabric as well as natural latex or memory foam. Buy it from the manufacturer’s website.

Final words

Without any doubt, a coccyx pillow is a great way to cushion your coccyx, support and improve your posture by sitting for extended periods. There are many different models of coccyx pillows on the market, try to select ones that are made of high quality materials, so that your body is adjusted in the right position and gets proper support. Because poor quality cushions are more likely to worsen rather than improve your posture.

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