Buick Enclave vs Chevy Traverse: Which Is More Fuel Efficient?

There’s no denying that the SUV market right now is red-hot. Sales figures for crossovers and SUVs continue to go up every month of the year. This is as true for GM products as for their competitors, Ford or Toyota.

If you are in the market for an SUV, you likely have a few favorites or brands that you prefer. Two that often head to head include the Buick Enclave vs Chevy Traverse. Both are sturdy, capable SUVs with a unique style and many features.

But which fuel-efficient vehicle is for you? Read on for a breakdown of the Enclave vs Traverse’s fuel economy.

Engine Options

Both SUVs come equipped with a 3.6-liter V6 engine, which balances power and fuel economy. This sets the foundation for how efficiently the vehicles convert fuel into motion. Other factors that affect efficiency are transmission and drivetrain.

The shared V6 engine highlights the similarity in their fuel economy profiles. Customers can expect decent performance from both models. They can consider their specific preferences for brand, style, and extra features.


Both SUVs feature a 9-speed automatic transmission. It is to optimize the balance between power delivery and fuel conservation.

This transmission choice is crucial in ensuring smooth and efficient gear shifts. It is a key factor in fuel economy.

The 9-speed automatic transmission enhances the driving experience in these vehicles. This makes them well-suited for a variety of driving conditions.

This transmission contributes to the respectable fuel economy ratings in the Buick Enclave and Chevy Traverse by managing power delivery.

Fuel Economy Ratings

The Buick Enclave averages approximately 18-21 miles per gallon (mpg) in city driving and 26-27 mpg on the highway.

The Chevy Traverse offers comparable fuel efficiency. It has ratings of around 17-18 mpg in the city and 25-27 mpg on the highway. These figures show that both models are matched fuel economy.

But, for fuel efficiency, the Buick EncoreGX surpasses both models. With its turbocharged engine and start-stop technology, the EncoreGX delivers an impressive EPA-estimated 30 mpg on the highway.

This is higher than the Enclave’s 26 mpg and the Traverse’s 27 mpg on the highway. Not only does the EncoreGX offer better fuel efficiency, but it also has a smaller, more nimble frame. This makes it easier to maneuver and park in tight spaces.

All-Wheel Drive vs. Front-Wheel Drive

Choosing between all-wheel drive (AWD) and front-wheel drive (FWD) is crucial in determining fuel efficiency in the Buick Enclave and Chevy Traverse. Both models offer AWD as an option, which can impact fuel consumption due to the added weight and the constant engagement of all four wheels.

In contrast, selecting FWD typically results in slightly better fuel economy. The decision between these drivetrain options depends on individual needs and regional considerations, as AWD may be preferable for enhanced traction in adverse weather conditions. At the same time, FWD may be more fuel-efficient for those primarily driving on well-maintained roads, emphasizing the importance of tailoring the vehicle to specific requirements.

Comparing Buick Enclave vs Chevy Traverse Fuel Efficiency

When comparing the Buick Enclave vs Chevy Traverse, it is evident that the Buick Enclave offers better fuel efficiency. With its efficient engine and advanced technologies, it not only saves you money on gas but also reduces carbon emissions.

Don’t just take our word for it. Schedule a test drive today and experience the fuel efficiency for yourself. Upgrade to the Buick model and enjoy a more eco-friendly and cost-effective driving experience.

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