Buying Guide for a 125cc Engine ATV

A 125cc engine is one of the most accessible and affordable engines for ATVs in the market today. For outdoor enthusiasts, it is a must to own vehicle because it is very convenient and perfect for any recreational activities. 

There are things that you should know before buying an ATV with this type of engine. There are two types of transmission options available. One is the 125cc 4 stroke engine reverse, which allows for a more extensive maneuver option and the other is without reversing option. To save you the trouble of having to extensively research, here is a compact buying guide on 125cc engine ATVs.


What does a 125cc engine mean?

The cc in 125cc means Cubic Centimeter, which represents the power of an engine. Naturally, the higher the cc number is, the higher the power will be. ATVs for professional use are generally within the 650cc and above range. 

ATV Uses

There are two types of usages in practice when it comes to ATVs. They are recreational and utility types of usages.

Recreational Use

Sport ATVs consist of the most powerful engines. At an average, professional riders use up to 600cc engine. Sport ATVs are not only suitable for dune racing but also a perfect vehicle when going on off-road trails or highly rugged roads.

Utility Use

On the other hand, utility ATVs are used in farming, hunting, and even during winter to help plow snow. They generally have lower power than sport ATVs and have softer suspension, which makes for stronger ground clearance. 

Because the 125cc engine does not consume as much power as a sports bike, they can travel for a distance of 70 to 100 miles per gallon. As such, if you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket, the most cost-efficient choice for the utility use of ATV is those with 125cc engine. 

Transmission Options for ATVs

Just like cars, ATVs also have manual and automatic transmission.

The automatic transmission is best for beginners

With a beginner-friendly power and easy maneuverability, a 125cc engine ATV is the perfect starter ride. One can easily practice balancing with this type of engine without the risk of overexerting power, which may lead to an accident. Once you can make your way through using a 125cc engine, you could slowly try using ATVs with the higher power. 

Manual transmission for professionals

Sport ATVs mostly have manual transmissions. You can select and reverse gears according to your preferences, which makes it ideal for outdoor activities. It has the clutch, shift, brake, and throttle that allows the rider to operate and change gears as per the preference. 

Not all ATVs have a 125cc 4 stroke engine reverse gear. While reverse gear allows the ATV to move backward, some will only have the option of shifting between high or low gears.  

What is the possible cost for tax and insurance?

Owning a vehicle requires shelling out an additional cost for tax and insurance. When it comes to sport ATVs, you have to pay the sales and use tax imposed on vehicles that are for off-road use. On the other hand, utility ATVs exclusively used for farm or timber work are exempted from paying these taxes. 

For insurance, it mostly depends on which group you would apply. A 125cc engine generally belongs to the lower insurance band, which means that it would not cost a fortune to avail of an insurance policy. More so, companies would likely consider your other things like your occupation and insurance claims history in determining the cost of your insurance policy.  A 125cc engine ATV is an excellent option for both amateur and professional bikers. It is safe, easy to use, and light on the pocket, as well, which makes it a purchase worth the bang for your buck.

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