Can Fixd Be Used on Multiple Vehicles?

Are you frustrated over the emergency issues your vehicle develops while on the road? It’s normal to get into such frustrations and as drivers, there is a need to find means to avoid those emergencies. Most people have heard about the FIXD sensors and the role they play in detecting car issues. But does Fixd Obd2 Scanner function/work on two or multiple vehicles?

Right, if you are interested in determining whether a single FIXD device can work on two vehicles, worry less. Herein, we shall clarify the number of vehicles a single FIXD sensor can monitor. Further, we shall provide detailed information on how to install and use the FIXD devices. Let’s keep tuned to get the limelight about this topic.

Can FIXD be used on Multiple Vehicles?

FIXD devices have become a popular and important resource in the auto industry for their effectiveness in monitoring vehicle issues. However, still, most people have no idea about them but rather little knowledge about their functions. Most people have always questioned whether single options can work on multiple vehicles but still, they lack information. So can FIXD sensors work on two or multiple vehicles?

Yes, FIXD sensors get designed to be used for multiple vehicles. Actually, you can use a single sensor for even five vehicles. However, manufacturers recommend one FIXD for each vehicle if you need the best of the best from your device. But still, the results of a single device connected to multiple vehicles are accurate and effective.

These devices usually keep track of the mileage you drive and keep updating you when to service it. A single FIXD can monitor other vehicles around without losing its accuracy and efficiency. Try out connecting your FIXD sensor and testify the experience to other users.

Using the FIXD Devices

Now that readers have an idea that FIXD devices can work on multiple vehicles, how do you use them? Do you require any additional devices for them to function? How do you connect or add multiple devices to a single FIXD device?

Vehicles have in-built computer devices known as the OBD2 that monitors all data about them. Monitored information here is such as the mileage, emissions as well as driving speed among others. Using the FIXD devices requires inserting them into the OBD2 devices. The device will capture all information about the car and present it for interpretation by the owner.

FIXD devices have an app where all gathered information gets displayed. The information from the car gets to the FIXD app through Bluetooth. Represented information helps you to carry out regular vehicle maintenance early to keep it fit on the road.

It’s the FIXD app you use to add and manage your vehicles. With just a single click on the left top button, you will see the vehicles connected to the device. Adding other vehicles simply entails a tab on the addition button and insert the name of your vehicle. That’s not all, you can still delete old vehicles as well as change the vehicle names from the app.

Now, while on the app and similar menu, you get information about a particular vehicle by tapping it. Consequently, at the top side of the app, there is a broad banner. This is where the name of the vehicle under review will display. 

Installing the FIXD Device

Like most vehicle sensing devices, the FIXD devices are simple to install. Don’t hire anybody to handle this project for you, simply follow this guide and you’ll make it. Provided you have the device and other necessary accessories, below is how to install the FIXD devices. 

Step One

Commence the installation process by locating the ODB2 socket. Here, there is a socket attachment where you will insert the FIXD sensor.

Step Two

After inserting the device, you require downloading the FIXD sensor app where you will read updates from. It’s a free app you will download and make an account using easy to remember credentials. During the registration, you will enter your written ODB2 socket code indicated on the label. Remember the credentials for future usage purposes.

Step Three

Everything at this stage is set. Your app is fully configured with your vehicle and FIXD sensor. You can test out all the features to ascertain they are properly functioning. Start enjoying regular updates to keep your vehicle fit.

The FIXD Device Features

We are done with how to use these devices and the number of vehicles it can boast. Let’s explain a few features that make these devices worthwhile market models.

Great for Continuous Monitoring

Usually, the FIXD device functions only when plugged into the OBD2 port. You can maintain it plugged all time to get regular updates about your vehicle. All notifications get read on the FIXD app from your smartphone.

Remember, these devices use your vehicle battery power to function. However, they usually utilize low energy mode that you shouldn’t get worried about depleting. Still, if you intend not to use the vehicle for a couple of days, simply remove the sensor.

Multiple Vehicle Updates.

FIXD devices aren’t just meant to monitor problems vehicles develop. They are effective at monitoring the general health status of the vehicle. You will get all the vehicle’s live data at the FIXD app on your smartphone. Such updates include mileage detection as well as maintenance reminders that will keep the vehicle fit.

Displays Vehicle’s History

The FIXD device maintains all your car’s information regarding all the health issues. Besides this, it can store information to enable you to discover any recurring issues. You can find solutions to such problems to prevent them from damaging the car in the future.


Maintaining a vehicle fit is essential to enjoy an excellent driving experience. However, we still lack an idea of how to get a breakthrough of the possible issues that our vehicles develop wherever we drive. With the FIXD sensors, we have a solution now with us.

You can employ a single FIXD device on multiple cars. Experts have tested it and approved that their efficiency maintains the number of cars you connect to a single device. However, it’s best if you use a single option to one vehicle to get the best from your FIXD device.

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