Can I rent a passenger van in Los Angeles?

Are you thinking of going on a short trip somewhere around Los Angeles with your family? Maybe your family car isn’t big enough to fit all the members in. But on a trip having more people means having more fun. You don’t need to worry even a little now. Because Passenger van rental Los Angeles is a viable option for you. 

You can easily rent a passenger van of different categories and sizes in Los Angeles. There are many options you can get along with. Let’s dig a little dip with this. 

Renting a Passenger Van in Los Angeles

Imagine this, you are planning a weekend vacation somewhere around Los Angeles. All the people in your family who are interested have gathered. The number has gone up to 15 people. You can either go in two different vehicles or cancel the plan. Going on two different vehicles may seem okay but it ruins the fun of the road trip. 

That’s when renting a van comes into play. You can rent a 15-passenger van quite easily from most of the passenger van rental companies. They provide great service and high-quality vehicles on rental at great prices. 

Who can get a van on rental?

Now, the question is can anyone get a Van on a rental? The answer is yes almost anyone can get a van on rental. You have to be at least 21 years old. Even though there is some exception in certain regions. Some also require the minimum age to be 25. 

Aside from that, you will need a legitimate driver’s license. There is no requirement for any special driver’s license. Just a valid and running driver’s license will be enough. If you fulfill these two things you can pretty much rent any van in Los Angeles.

Cost of a rental passenger van

Next comes the question of how much does it cost to rent a passenger van. Well, that depends on various factors. It depends on the van you will be renting and the company you will be choosing. But on average, it can cost from $50 to $120 per day depending on the facilities. 

For your convenience and ease, we are sharing 3 of the best passenger van rentals around Los Angeles. You can also look for some other companies. But these recommendations may work as a good reference point for you. 

Top 3 Passenger Van Rentals in Los Angeles 

There are a lot of companies in Los Angeles that rent cars daily. Here are some recommendations for you.

  • Midway Car Rental: In terms of customer satisfaction they are one of the best companies for rental cars. You can get good prices from them and their service is also pretty great. The quality of the cars they provide is top-notch so you won’t have any issues in the middle of the road. You can know more about their services on the website. 
  • Airport Van Rental: This is another rental company that has satisfied its customers with its service. Even though getting through to them might be a bit difficult. As there aren’t any employees who can answer the calls. However, once you take their service those things won’t bother you. When you reach them their customer service is one of a kind. And they provide easy pickup and drop-off service at amazing prices.
  • Enterprise Rent a Car: This one is the most popular car rental service in LA. They are an international company. They have reasonable prices with excellent service. You can find their counter almost anywhere in the U.S. Their pick-up and drop-off policy is pretty neat as well. They have a lot of rental locations in LA you can check them out on the website. 

Apart from these companies, you will find a lot of other companies for passenger van rental. So, in terms of options, you won’t have trouble finding any. 


Now that you know about passenger van rental in Los Angeles you can plan those trips without any worries. Whether it’s for 12 people or 15 people you can enjoy the road trip altogether. And the best part is there are so many options available for you. So, we suggest getting to work and start comparing the companies to get the best service for your trip. 

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