Can You Maintain a BMW Yourself?

The prices of goods and services are at an all-time high, thanks to inflation. If you own a BMW, maintaining it yourself may seem appealing to save on costs. You won’t have to spend on expensive parts and labor at the service shop. If you have good knowledge of cars, you could be tempted to play the role of a mechanic by changing the oil and filters or checking fluid levels. 

However, you could void your BMW extended warranty based on the terms of your coverage. While you can maintain your luxury vehicle on your own if you have skills, it may not be in your best interest to do so. And if you have only the bare minimum skills, you could do untoward damage to your beamer. The advantage of saving money on maintenance has its own pitfalls if you attempt to do the work on your own BMW. Learn more about this issue below. 

Maintain a BMW

Read the Warranty Terms

When you buy your beloved BMW, it usually comes with the original manufacturer’s warranty. You may have also opted to purchase an extended warranty or car protection plan for more comprehensive coverage of mechanical issues and performance issues. Some of these plans would have added services like roadside assistance, trip disbursement, towing, and car rental. 

Every warranty plan comes with terms and conditions. You must pay close attention and read it because you could inadvertently void the warranty so that anything that happens will not be covered. A common way to invalidate your vehicle’s original factory warranty or other car protection plans is not having consistent maintenance records. 

Moreover, sending the vehicle for services to a non-qualified auto shop is another culprit for voiding the warranty. Although it’s not always necessary to send the car for services to the dealership, most require that you avail of the services of the mechanics they authorize. Since you are not a qualified mechanic, doing DIY maintenance like an oil change can be problematic. The services you do on your own BMW will not go on record, so there’s nothing to prove that you maintain your car properly. Read More: 2023 BMW X1

Work Quality Issues

Changing windshield wipers, adding more coolant, and checking tire pressure may be easy fixes that you can do on your own. But if you attempt to do your own BMW maintenance for the more complex systems, there’s no guarantee for the work quality. For starters, you must have extensive knowledge of mechanics, tech features, and safety protocols when servicing the vehicle. 

Unless you’re a certified mechanic who has undergone complete training, the result may be sub-par. If you only have minimal capabilities, it’s best to leave your car in the hands of a pro. Never attempt these jobs on your own: 

  • Fix electrical issues
  • Conduct windshield replacement
  • Paint the body of the car
  • Fix the fuel system
  • Check the transmission
  • Fiddle with the brakes
  • Address issues with the airbag
  • Check on the cooling and heating system

Bear in mind that car mechanics attend school and receive official training. Thus, they learn the right skills and handling techniques to provide the correct maintenance services. They also undergo safety training because maintaining a car comes with associated trade risks like electric shock or exposure to chemicals. If you perform the work yourself, you may encounter safety issues that could damage the car or result in injury. You can only rest easy knowing that your BMW is getting the best service and highest work quality if you choose professional car maintenance.

Necessary Tools for the Job

The primary question if you do your own BMW maintenance is—do you have the state-of-the-art tools to get things done? Today’s modern BMWs come with complex computer systems. You need the right tools for diagnostics and the proper facilities to do thorough work. On top of that, you must have access to the latest parts. 

If you do home service in your garage, it’s likely that you don’t have the correct factory-recommended tools. Without the right equipment, you can’t properly and safely change the parts. You may try to fix something, only to stop halfway through because you don’t have the right parts or diagnostic tools. By then, you may end up calling a towing service to bring your car to the garage because the job is half-done and the car won’t start. Instead of saving money, you could end up spending more. 

Get Value for Money

Maintaining your BMW is crucial to nip issues in the bud. Preventive maintenance work mitigates complex problems and major expenses. Most importantly, when you do maintenance work correctly, you don’t double the costs. A DIY fix could rapidly escalate and complicate the problems, resulting in more money spent with back jobs. 

Although you may be capable of quick fixes, the job may not be complete and up to standard compared to a certified mechanic. While there may be upfront costs when seeking professional services, it provides value for money and saves you more in the long run. With the right team, you get your BMW in tip-top shape. As a result, you can expect to get the most time on the road for your wheels. 

Conserve Your Time and Energy

Attempting to maintain your BMW will always impinge on your time and energy. It’s a hassle if you’re not an expert in the area. You must learn how to fix things to get the job done properly. In the end, you may have to watch tutorials for your particular BMW model. Although beamers carry the same luxurious prestige, each make comes with varying specifications and parts. 

In contrast, working with a professional mechanic means you save yourself from a headache. You can just sit back and relax while your BMW gets the right treatment, especially if you’re not trained to get down on your knees with complex car tools. 

And remember, being a responsible owner is one way you can keep your car fresh and new. Bring your BMW for routine maintenance and keep it clean. Keep it safe from the elements in the garage when not in use. And most of all, drive carefully on the road without quick turns on tight corners, sudden accelerations or stops, and driving recklessly as this promotes more vehicle wear and tear.

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