Car Frame Damage – How Much Does an Auto Body Repair Cost?

Car accidents are common in the US, and cars suffer from car frame damage in most accidents. The auto body repair cost depends upon the severity of the crash. However, before we jump into the repair costs, let’s discuss what car frame damage is.

Broken Car

What is Car Frame Damage?

Beneath all your car’s components, there is a structural support system. In simple words, your car’s frame is your car’s skeleton. The design of the support system is to protect you in case of an accident. The stronger the car frame is, the better the car’s crash rating and overall safety is. Your car’s frame is the foundation of your vehicle. When your vehicle suffers from car frame damage, this means that your car’s foundation has damage. The auto repair shop can also report frame damage from a third-party altercation to your car’s frame.

Is car frame damage severe?

Yes, if your car’s frame has damage from an accident or any other cause, then it is vital to get your vehicle repaired. Car frame damage means that your car now needs structural repairing, which is extremely important. When the auto repair shop highlights structural damage, this means that the crucial parts of your car’s frame that provide your vehicle with structural support are compromised, and your vehicle is not safe to drive. 

If your structural damage is not that severe and the crucial parts of your car’s frame are intact, then you can drive your vehicle. However, you’ll still need a repair as soon as possible. If your car gets into an accident again, it will not hold it properly. You might not be able to survive the accident, and even if you do, you won’t be able to drive your car to the auto repair shop. Moreover, if you drive a car with a damaged frame, you will have issues making turns, and your suspension won’t respond smoothly. Driving with car frame damage is extremely dangerous, and you are compromising your safety by doing so. Therefore, it’s better to get even the slightest car frame damage repaired. 

How much does car frame damage repair cost in the US?

Auto body repair is quite expensive, and how much your car’s frame repair will cost you depends on how severe the damage is. If non-crucial parts of your car’s frame are damaged, then the repair cost won’t be too much. However, if there is critical damage to your car’s frame, the repair can cost up to 10,000 dollars. You can expect the repair cost to rise even more if your car has a complex shape or structural design. Other than that, after structural damage, your car’s value gets depreciated by a large margin, even after spending thousands of dollars repairing it. Newer cars lose more value after car frame damage than older cars do, as older cars already have a lower value and some damage to their body. 

Does your insurance cover car frame damage?

If your car’s repair cost exceeds its base value, the insurance company will consider your car totaled and will not pay for its repair. Instead, the insurance company will give you money that matches the base value of your car. You can sell off your damaged vehicle at little cost. Then, you can add up the money you get from your insurance to buy a new car. Considering the number of accidents that happen every year, car insurance in the US is so important. 

 Should you get your car’s frame repaired?

If the damage is not that critical, then you should get your car’s frame repaired. However, if your car’s frame is critically damaged, repairing it will cost as much as a new car, and therefore repairing critical car frame damage does not make sense.  Also, after you fix your car’s frame, it’s doubtful that your vehicle can survive another accident.

Car insurance is critical as new cars face a significant drop in value after car frame damage. Considering how many car accidents happen in the US every day, it is better to get your car insured to cover such repair costs. Plus, if your car gets totaled, you get the finances to buy a new one. 

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