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Car Insurance Quotes Texas is committed to providing our visitors the power of choice and awareness when searching for a new car insurance provider. With so many companies available to choose from it’s hard to know where to start. Finding a provider at the lowest cost while still maintaining a quality coverage plan can be a stressful task. We strive to make it easy.

The days of signing onto the same provider as our family members or committing to a company long term are over. The power of the internet combined with tools like ours provide you the ability to compare quotes in minutes as often as you like so you can always be confident you are getting the best coverage possible.

How Does it Work?

We focus specifically on American consumers searching for low down payment auto insurance, whether you have an existing policy or are obtaining insurance for the first time, we can help guide you to the right provider for your needs. We refer you not only to the top insurance companies across the United States but also independent brokers. Follow the 3 easy steps below and you could be well on your way to saving hundreds.

Step 1. Simply enter your zip and click!

Enter your zip and click! It’s that easy. No personal information is required to retrieve the best results for your area and our service is absolutely free. Finding an insurance provider has never been easier and with our service your right to be informed of what’s available is only a few clicks away.

Step 2. Review the quotes provided in the listing tailored to your location.

We are confident our service will provide you listings of the best insurance companies for your area; No need to search the web for hours, access to the top providers is provided for you in one place with no obligations or pressure to sign up.

Step 3. Compare Rates and Save!

The average consumer will search and compare at least 3 different insurance companies before making a final decision. With the listings we provide you it’s easy to compare as many as you please. Choosing an insurance provider is often a long-term commitment so taking the time to inform yourself of what’s available now could save you hundreds if not thousands over time. We always encourage our visitors to review as many policies as possible.

Do you know what is the Penalty for a Motorist not having Auto Insurance in Texas?

Here is the problem, my auto is insured and I’m authorized to drive it. I got a speeding ticket and showed proof of auto insurance. Then I went to get deferred adjudication and included my copy of the insurance card with the authorized user, but now I’m being asked for insurance on driver.

Well, I think it really depends on each state and maybe several other factors of why you got the ticket, but a friend of mine had to pay $345 for not having insurance.

I recommend that you have the best coverage that you can. It is important that you are insured not just to prevent a money penalty, but to be safe from any financial losses in case to incur in a serious accident where you get injured and your car damaged.

It really is not that more expensive to get full coverage and you are going to be safer. Talk with your insurance agent and get covered.

You may want to compare rates from the different insurance companies in Texas to get the best price and service. Now it is very easy and secure to get quotes online. You can use the Direct Auto Insurance website comparison tool.

How can’t I use a Defensive Driving Course Certificate to get an Auto Insurance Discount in Texas?

In the middle of 2018, I passed this course and got this certificate, but I can’t use it as one of the discount factors when buying auto insurance. The licensed auto insurance agent told me that the Defensive Driving certificate can not be used to get auto insurance discounts in Texas, why is that? Why do Texans have to take that course beside a court when I got a speeding ticket?

Look, the problem here is that you can not use it to get a discount if you used it to dismiss a speeding ticket. However not all companies give discounts for taking driving courses, maybe they don’t offer that kind of discount. Texas residents only need to take the class if they are ordered by a judge to not have a ticket on their record.

You may want to shop around and ask at other insurance companies if they provide discount for defensive driving course, there are many other ways to get estimates for car insurance:

  • install safety devices on your car
  • if you are a student have good grades
  • don’t drive after 11:00pm
  • have low mileage
  • don’t have tickets
  • have a good credit score

Ask your insurance company for any additional discounts that you could get or you could qualify.

Compare quotes online 

If you are not satisfied with your insurance company you may want to compare rates from the leading companies and make your choice. Nowadays it is very easy to get free auto insurance quotes from different companies.

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