Car Wash Fundraisers: What Are They and Why Should You Contribute?

When looking for the perfect organized fundraiser for an organization, a car wash is an excellent option. The whole point of doing a car wash fundraiser is to raise money quickly and on short notice. It’s an inexpensive venture that is really simple to undertake. Although it’s a fairly straightforward affair, there are some moving parts that have to come together in order for it to work optimally. 

Car Wash Fundraisers


The planning is pretty simple and doesn’t require a lot of super detailed work. This type of fundraiser can be organized in as little as a few days. The longer lead time you give yourself, the better your project is likely to turn out. You’ll have the ability to advertise with a car wash fundraiser flyer or a radio ad. Good and targeted advertising will likely bring more supporters to your event. In addition to securing a location, one of the major components of hosting a car wash fundraiser is the volunteers that are going to be washing the cars. You’ll need several washers, dryers and vacuumers. This will allow things to move more efficiently while also helping to serve more customers. You can also secure sponsors to purchase the supplies or build it into the event budget.

Getting Support

We mentioned fliers and radio ads already, but there are other methods of increasing the traffic to your fundraiser. If possible, it’s a good idea to locate the event at a highly visible and busy locale. A fast food restaurant parking lot, a shopping center parking lot of a gas station right by a highway exit are just a few ideas of spots that will have a lot of cars passing by. You can also sell tickets to the car wash. This will not only help you gauge interest in the event, but it will also help you better plan for how many supplies and volunteers you need. Leveraging the power of social media is another great way to boost participant numbers. You might even be able to pick up volunteers through social media as well. 

Why Contribute?

If you happen upon an impromptu car wash in a parking lot or other public location, you’ve got a good reason to stop. Since most car wash fundraisers are done on fairly short notice, it’s very possible that those hosting the event are in need of closing a small gap in their budget or that there are some unforeseen circumstances that have arisen, like an illness or building fire. There are lots of reasons to hold fundraisers, and most businesses and organizations are transparent about why they’re holding them. 

Remember that helping an organization or someone in need feels good. It is also tax deductible. Charity car washes really are a great option for raising funds, just be sure to be smart about how you go about the donations. Selling tickets or suggesting a donation amount for the car wash can help to better estimate numbers at the close of the event. These cost and time efficient fundraisers will help your organization meet its goals when done thoughtfully. And if you’d like to host one again, consider taking an exit poll of those who come out and support so that you know how to improve for the next time around. 

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