Carlock Problems – Why It Occurs and How to Solve Them?

Not all carlock problems require a car locksmith. There is numerous carlock occurrence that you can handle yourself. However, it is also critical to note that some situations do call for a car locksmith, and trying to handle it yourself might cause more problems and add to the cost of repairing the lock. 

That said, scroll down to find the different carlock problems. Why they occur and how you can deal with them.

Here are common reasons why car lock problems occur:

  1. The Key Fob Battery Might be Dead.

If you use the thumb turn or remote keys to unlock the doors remotely and nothing is happening when you press the unlock button, there is a good chance that the fob battery might be out. Yes, the sensors-enabled keys have a tiny battery in them that needs replacing. Usually, the battery is designed to work for 3-5 years at once. However, this issue is common and is the most common reason the car locks won’t work. As mentioned, this is one of the cases where you do need a car locksmith. Yes, there is also the option to go to the dealership. But they usually waste time and might even charge you a fee. So, it is best to call for a car locksmith and deal with the issue.

Carlock Problems

If you do not know any car locksmith, all you have to do is a quick Google search. For instance, if you live in Melbourne, simply search car locksmith in Melbourne. And you will have a list of the best car locksmiths in your local area. You can just call them and give them information like the car model (for key batteries) and address and most professionals will come to your home and replace the battery for you. 

Unlike the traditional keys that are similar to the house keys, smart keys have smart sensors attached to them, like the plastic thumb turn that allow you to manage remote functions. Of course, no manufacturers issue traditional keys anymore. So, if your car is not more than 30 years old, then there is a good chance that you have the smart car keys. Replacing the fob batteries will allow you to control the locks remotely again. 

  1. The Key Fob Might Be Faulty

The key fob is actually responsible for controlling the remote functions. And while the plastic thumb turns are strong enough to sustain physical injuries, repeated physical damages can ruin the key fob. Needless to say, if you have a faulty key fob, you will have to replace it. Of course, you can try the additional keys that you get with the car. And ensure to replace the key fob by the agency. Usually, they do not charge any money if the car is in warranty, but you might have to pay for the key fob depending on the manufacturer. That is to say; some manufacturers charge money while some don’t. 

  1. The fuse might be causing the problem. 

You can try opening the other doors of the car; if it works, there is a good chance that is the fuse that is causing the problem. You can replace the fuse, and the locked door will be fixed. Of course, you will take the car to the dealership or service center to replace the fuse. There is a solenoid within each door that responds to the remote transmitters; however, at certain times it might get fused. Professional help is the best course of action in these cases, i.e., unless you know how to remove the door and replace the solenoid by yourself. 

  1. Broken Wire

Sometimes there is a good chance that locks won’t work because of broken wire. To verify this, open and close the doors repeatedly to see whether the lock works after two or three attempts. If it doesn’t work, then you will replace the wire. Again, a professional is an answer in these kinds of situations.

  1. Jammed Car Lock 

Sometimes the car locks get jammed, and you can deal with them effectively all by yourself. There are different methods for unjamming car locks. For instance, you can consider lubricants. Or you can poke the tip of the flathead screwdriver into the car lock and press it mildly. Again, when you try with the keys, it might be open. You can also consider spraying the lubricants directly into the keyhole and side of it. For context — press the flathead screwdriver into the keyhole and spray the lubricant near the lock. Spray like four-to-five times and try opening the doors with the keys; there is a good chance that the doors might open. 


All these reasons are a common occurrence, and there is a good chance that your car doors won’t unlock because of these issues may be the reason. Of course, the best way to review whether it is the key causing the problem or not is to use the other key. If the second key works and doors unlock, then there is an issue with the key. It could be the fob battery, or the fob might be faulty. In case the spare key does not work, you can try unlocking other doors with the same keys. If all the doors don’t open, then you might have to consider a locksmith. Calling a locksmith might be the best solution, given they are professionals and will help you deal with the situation effectively. 

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