Connect Any App to Your Car Dashboard: Safe Driving, with Apps Instantly

Safe driving is a hot topic these days, especially with more and more people using their smartphones while they are in the car. But what if you want to use your favourite app on your smartphone while driving? 

Well, you don’t have to wait anymore! You can connect any of your favourite apps from your phone straight to your car dashboard. This means that even though you’re not able to watch videos or play games on your phone, you’ll be able to do so in the car without having to take out of its protective case!

Why there’s a need to connect phones to your car dashboard?

While driving, anything can happen. You might get invited to an impromptu meeting, an urgent call, or an emergency. During such times, you can become clumsy with your phone and could potentially cause an accident by reaching out to touch or swipe it. Besides, checking or handling a mobile screen while driving can be dangerous. 

So, to take care of all the unpleasant surprises and stay worry-free while driving, you will need to connect your phone to the car dashboard. It will allow you to keep both your hands on the steering wheel without having to take a hand away to use the app. And most importantly, it will make your driving safer and more secure. 

Benefits of connecting your smart phone to car dashboard:

Experts say that during driving, our focus should be on the road and not our smart phone. If you think about it, smart phones are just a distraction when trying to keep yourself safe on the road. Hence, it is important to use our time wisely while driving and have a safer ride. At such times, you can always opt to connect your smart phone to the car dashboard and easily access the phone without any risk.

Besides, you won’t have to worry about reaching out for your smart phone while driving because most of the apps can be seen directly on the car’s dashboard. There is no need for jail breaking or other steps, which saves your precious time too!

With just a few taps on your touch screen, you can access all theessential content without having to reach into your pocket or purse while driving. It’s not only safer than grabbing your phone but also allows those passengers in the backseat to enjoy some media as well! 

Some of the benefits that you get after connecting the smart phone with your car dashboard are as follows:

– Safety while driving:

By not using your phone’s touch screen, you won’t have any distractions when operating machinery like a vehicle! 

– Save your mobile’s battery:

You will also save battery life because instead of downloading anything onto your device, all content is streamed directly through WiFi and cellular data network onto the screen for viewing purposes only; there are no downloads involved.

– Easy functionality:

Connecting a device to your dash isn’t only a fun experience, but it’s also functional on so many levels: from safety while driving all the way down to viewing videos or taking a call in comfort with no distractions whatsoever. Most importantly, you won’t miss any emergency call or critical message while driving.

– Easy Navigation:

Navigation is super fun with your car dash as you can plan ahead of time where to go and get directions while on your way.

– Keep passengers engaged:

You can keep children or antsy adults in your car engaged with games or other videos. 

– Easy access to different apps:

You also have access to informational apps like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook Groups & more, which make it even easier than ever before to find just about anything without dealing with advertisements. 

How to connect the smart phone with the car dashboard?

There are several apps available on the play store that connects your phone to the car dashboard. One of the apps that you can rely on is CarBridge. These phone connecting apps make driving easier for everyone as long as you use them correctly.

The apps themselves make driving much safer as they’re designed with safety in mind from features like navigation, streaming services without any interruptions from advertisements & more. So if you’re interested in doing more than just browsing social media and playing games behind the wheel – take into consideration adopting this new technology today. 

These apps can easily connect you to your dashboard and allow you to use the touch screen as a transparent monitor. Most of these apps are free for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry devices – so if you have any of those compatible phones in your car, it’s quick and easy to download! And there are tons of such apps that can be easily connected to your car dashboard as well so you don’t have to limit yourself! Besides, these apps are compatible with most of the apps available on your phone, so you can stream YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more while driving.


The benefits of using such apps are endless as they designed with respect to your safety in mind. So, make sure you connect your phone to the car dashboard and have a wonderful ride.

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