Cross Country Comparison: Motorhome vs. Trailer

Did you know that domestic vacations are on the rise? With the travel bans and uncertainty of the last year, everyone is looking to holiday in their home country. Many have uncovered the benefits of doing this in a recreational vehicle. 

Both motorhomes and trailers offer comfort and freedom. Read on as we provide our ultimate guide on the motorhome vs. trailer debate. 

Motorhome vs. Trailer Price

Even a second-hand motorhome is going to cost a lot of money and a trailer will always win on price. In their defense, motorhomes do hold their value. Even when you do sell it on you will still have an item of value. 

The expenditure is worth it if you are an experienced RV driver. For anyone who wants a happy medium, a travel trailer is a good choice. You can benefit from the comfort of an RV, but often at a much-reduced cost. 

Insurance Comparisons

As the motorhome is a vehicle itself, it is always going to cost more in insurance. You should also not rule out tax considerations, as gas-guzzling vehicles no longer come cheap. The bigger the RV and the more valuables you have inside, the bigger your insurance bill will become. 

Before buying, check with a few insurance providers to see what they can offer. You may get discounts for bundling with other insurances such as home or vehicle. This can bring premiums down considerably. 

Maintenance Costs

When it comes to maintenance in the trailer vs motorhome debate, then a trailer wins outright. A motorhome is a vehicle and needs all the maintenance a regular car would. In addition, parts are not often cheap, particularly on older models. 

In addition to vehicle maintenance, you also have the added RV part such as electrics and dumping. With the travel trailer, these are the only things you really need to maintain. 

Type of Use

A road trip with a motorhome or trailer will be immensely fun, and both can offer the same level of comfort. However, the amount of use determines which is most suitable. This article can tell you more about motorhome adventures. 

If you are a regular traveler who goes long distances, then opt for a motorhome. They have space and are made to be a home away from home. 

Trailers are more for the seasonal or weekend-camper. The travel trailer will take up less space on driveways and outbuildings. As you have spent less, you will tend to feel less guilty if you don’t use it. 

Making the Choice

In the motorhome vs. trailer debate, it all comes down to budget and use. For seasoned, frequent travelers the motorhome is a great choice, though expensive. For others, a trailer can do everything you would need with less cost. 

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