Crystal Clear: 5 Fabulous Car Headlight Upgrades You Must Try For A Great Drive

Night time driving is super fun but the risk involved is always high. More so, if you have old, oxidized headlights. But now, you can upgrade the headlights of your car and enhance the aesthetics and your safety.

By trade-off the dull, yellow light of your old halogen headlights with cold blue or white beams of HID (high-intensity discharge) or LED lights, you ensure better night vision and upgrade the look of your car at night. 

If you are a night time driver, here are the best car and truck headlights upgrades that you must try:

  • Replace the worn-out headlights or capsules 

With time, headlights go dim. Whether you have old halogen bulbs or long-running HID bulbs, which lose 70% of their intensity before burning out, replacing the old headlight capsules with new ones restore the brighter beams.

  • Upgrade the capsule

It is the easiest upgrade to turn your dull headlights into their brighter versions. Select direct-replacement bulbs that are more intense than the original capsule. With this replacement, you get 80% brighter lights than your old headlights. 

  • Upgrade to HID car headlights 

When it comes to brightness, HID lights surely surpass halogen headlights. Upgrading your old halogen bulbs with the latest HID headlights give you cold or blue beams. 

But, replacing your halogen lights with HID lights is easier said than done. They use capsules and hence, unplugging a halogen and plugging in an HID light is not an option. You need to get ballasts installed. You may also need new projector headlight assemblies. 

Although they demand a little effort, installing them in your car is worth it. Also, make sure you steer clear from the capsules that can be installed in your existing headlight assembly as they may be fake HID capsules. 

  • Upgrade to LED car headlights

Just like HID lights, LED lights are also much brighter than the factory halogen bulbs. Moreover, they come with a long shelf-life. The best thing about this upgrade is that you may not need to change your existing headlight housing as direct replacement LED headlight capsules may easily fit into them. 

The only problem with this upgrade is that installing LED capsules in reflector housing may give a compromised beam pattern. You can consider using a specific model or make that provide a better beam pattern. For instance, using projector-style headlights give better results with drop-in LED capsules. 

  • Clean and restore the headlight lenses 

With buildup, the headlights turn foggy or hazy. Once you remove the buildup, the brightness returns to normal. It improves the style of your car along with safeguarding you. 

To restore the headlight lenses, you would need a restoration kit. A restoration kit contains everything to clean and polish the yellowed and hazy plastic of the headlight lenses at home. It is the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective way to make the existing headlights more effective.

  • Install extra lights for off-road driving 

If you are a fan of off-road driving and often find yourself maneuvering over unpaved roads, getting extra lights installed will work in your favor. An additional light system on your car will make it easy for you to drive your car in low-light conditions that are extremely dangerous and more so, when off-roading is concerned. 

The best way to get additional lights on your vehicle is by adding an LED light bar. It illuminates the road ahead of you without driving power from your car battery or alternator. 

The bottom line 

Upgrading car headlights are both an aesthetic and practical concern. With so many options, you can easily find a technology that suits your needs and budget. 

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