Different types of car Baby seats and its usages

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States NHTSA advises to replace normal seats and apply baby safety car seats and boosters in order to ensure a continued high level of crash safety for baby passengers. So, baby car seats are very useful for your child. It can protect your baby from minor to severe car crashes.

But, what kind of baby car seats should you buy? It generally depends on the age, height and weight of your baby. You should also consider whether you want to remove the seat easily or you want to keep that for a long time.

While buying a seat for your child, your first priority should be the safety and comfort of your child. In this article, I will discuss different types of car seats and the usage of it. As we go through this writing, I’ll also try to let you know what types of car seats you should buy for your child and things to consider while buying.

4  types of car Baby seats and its usages

Baby seats hold your baby and protect him or her from unwanted movement. As it holds your baby, your baby will be safe from falling down. It also protects your baby from minor or severe car crashes. Your baby is very vulnerable and fragile and needs extra protection. That’s why baby car seats are very necessary. 

Types of Baby Car Seats:

There are different types of car seats available for your child in the market. But, first of all you need to know which one is best for your child. Because, you always want the best one for the safety and comfort of your child. Here I’m going to recommend some of the best choices for your child considering the protection and comfort.

Rear-facing Infant Seats:

This type of seat is for your new born child. As a new born baby is very vulnerable and needs most of the protection, this model is mainly focused on the protection of your baby. In this model of baby car seat, your baby will be seated rear faced. And this kind of seat will give the highest protection to your highly vulnerable and fragile new born baby. So, if you are looking for a car seat for your new born baby, you should go for the Rear Facing Infant Seats.

Forward-facing Toddler Seats:

As your little one gets older and enters toddlerhood, you need to shift from rear-facing to forward facing baby seats. It’s his time to explore the world and he is ready to face forward. This baby car seat allows your baby to enjoy the scenes through the window of your car. This one ensures full protection from unwanted movement and injuries. It also ensures the comfort of your baby. So, when your baby enters toddler hood, you should buy a forward-facing baby car seat.

Booster Seats for Older Children:

As your children out grows the forward-facing period, it’s time for him to get introduced to booster seats. This kind of booster seat doesn’t hold your child in place. Because your child has grown up and he doesn’t need a restraint to hold in place. Instead, this seat raises your baby in a position that the seat belt of your car fits him correctly. This type of seat is the best for preschool child and those who have passed toddler hood.

3 in 1 Baby Car Seats:

You probably don’t want to buy a car seat every year as your baby grows up. Then, 3 in 1 or all in one baby car seats should do the job for you. It is a kind of seat that does it all. It does the same work as the rear-facing, forward-facing and booster seat does. One baby seat does the work for all the other three of them. So,you just need to buy the Best 3-in-1 Car Seats once for your baby and use it for his full childhood. It will accommodate as your baby grows up. You can use it from the time of rear-facing days of your child to the days until your baby gets old enough to use a seat belt. It is very comfortable and safe for your child. And it is also very good in terms of investment because you don’t need to buy a different one every time your baby gets older.

Things to Consider While Buying:

First thing first, you will have to choose different kinds of seats regarding the age of your baby. You will also have to consider the weight and height of your child. You don’t want to put your baby into an uncomfortable situation. So, last but not least, you must ensure the protection and comfort of your child. 


You will get so many options in the market while buying a baby safety car seat. But you have to choose wisely considering the age, height, weight, comfort and protection of your baby. You’ll also have to consider the longevity of your product. You can choose all the four options that I recommended above for your child. But, my personal recommendation is that you should go for the 3 in 1 baby car seats. Because it can do all the same jobs as the other three options combined. One seat will be enough for your baby from newborn until the age of using seat belts of the car.

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