Digitizing Activities for the Sake of Your Environment

It’s normal to question what you can do to lead a greener lifestyle. Cutting down on meat might be part of it, or maybe resorting to public transport more often than taking the car. Another thing that you might look to do as a part of this is think about how you can turn your attention to digital activities that have been thought of as physical up to now. This can mean that you cut down on any harmful environmental side-effects that physical activity might produce. Still, it also means that traveling to and from it can be removed – potentially taking more cars off the road.

Digitizing Activities

The Casino

It might be that you’ve taken an interest in casinos over the years, either out of an enjoyment of the games that are available or due to it being a social occasion that you indulge in with your friends. Right out of the gate, you’re going to notice that shifting this to a digital activity through visiting online pokie machines offers an experience so different that it’s not comparable in certain situations. You lose the architectural details that some casinos offer, and you lose the social aspect that some love about those environments.

However, this attitude might not be focusing enough on what you gain. With the online variant, you can access all of your favorite games from wherever you find to be most convenient, including variations and activities that you’d never even heard of up until this point.


A lot of the time, you might not feel as though you have as much control over this as you would like. However, more and more places seem to be offering employees the chance to work remotely, meaning that you might not find it too difficult to find a job that suits your ideal lifestyle if it’s a dealbreaker for you. Still, working from home is something that can reduce emissions due to the cars taken out of the commute.

You might have other concerns about working from home, and it’s not going to be for everyone. There are differences to the social elements of work, there are differences to productivity and your working structure, but there are also differences in how your work/life balance gets constructed, which might be what you find most appealing.


This is an entry that might prove controversial with some people. The joy of reading for some is the texture of the book and the focus of something that isn’t a screen – especially when so many modern activities seem to involve them. However, there are devices specially designed for this, such as the Kindle, which are designed to function differently from how screens normally do to accommodate for the reader’s eye health. However, in terms of this debate, you might find that Kindles represent an opportunity to do less damage to the environment due to the sheer amount of paper that they can substitute, potentially being able to contain up to 15,000 books with certain amounts of storage.

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