Discover Addmotor All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bikes and Trikes

With the passage of time, electric bicycles have become a necessity for cyclist. As the world is developing faster, it has become equally significant to move even faster with it. For this, sometimes, the traditional bikes are now considered outdated. People prefer to commute faster to reach to their workplaces, and for that they use electric bikes. When it comes to the powerful, all seasoned e-bikes andall-terrain electric bikes with fat tire needs no introduction. They are very convenient to use in all seasons and all types of lands and roads. The modifiable front fork is designed in such a way that it helps in handling all sorts of terrains. 

ADDMOTOR has manufactured some great all-terrains which are user-friendly and best to commute faster. On the other hand, ADDMOTOR has added more volume to the uniqueness by manufacturing environmental and enjoyable fat tire electric trikes. It is one of the best options this company has come up with. Electric trikes are an easy and comfortable option for traveling with great support for storage. It is best suited for people who want to enjoy a fun-filled ride with comfort, exploring in and out of the town roads.

M-560 P7 All-Terrain E-Bike

M-560 has spoked wheels with fat tires which are appropriate for rough terrains. It is available in six flamboyant colors for a stylish ride. It is one of the best fat tire electric bikes by ADDMOTOR which can be used for regular commuting or for other adventure trips of exploration. It can be ridden equally smooth on sand, snow, mountains, and grass. 

It has a rear-mounted motor with 750W. It has 26” x 4” fat tires. It possesses 48V*17.5Ah excellent battery with long coverage. It has a riding range of up to 55 miles. It has integrated headlight for a safe commute at night and the easy to maintain brakes.

M-550 P7  Fat Tire Electric Bike

M-550 is a great addition in ADDMOTOR’s manufactured products. It is an amazing e-bike for regular commuting or for exploration in snow or sand. M-550 is an excellent choice with a long-lasting battery and 750W super-fast rear-mounted motor. 

It has 26 x 4.0” fat tires. This all-terrain e-bike runs with the assistance of a 17.5Ah removable and rechargeable battery. It has riding range of up to 65 miles for longer exploration. The disc brakes are easy to maintain. Also, it has powerful front and rear lights.

M-5500 All-Terrain Electric Mountain Bike

M-5500 is an all-terrain electric mountain bike which is 1250w powerful, rear-mounted motor with 17.5Ah long battery and an excellent addition in ADDMOTOR’s products. In commemoration of the Flying Tigers Volunteer Air Force in WWII, the makers have added a distinctive shark mouth painted design. It has heavy-duty fat tires for traveling on mountains, rough roads, and wastelands. The 20” x 4” fat Kenda tire electric bike has a riding range of 60+ miles.

M-340 Electric Fat Trike 2023

M-340 Electric Fat Trike 2023 is the best selling products of ADDMOTOR. This e-trike has user-friendly control system and a strong electric motor. This adult e-trike is specifically designed to help you in having a great and tremendous ride. The wooden footrest board on this e-trike is made in such a way that you can rest your legs easily with its step-through frame design. The handlebar and paddled saddle are quite modifiable to give to utmost comfort. 

It has 4.0” fat tires which are puncture-resistant. These big tires amplify the control and support by providing adequate balance and control. The fat tires of this e-trike make it easy to ride. It has a front-mounted motor with 750W. This powerful motor in the front wheel produces uninterrupted power for climbing hills with quicker acceleration of over 1,000 watts. 

This adult electric tricycle runs with the assistance of a 20Ah removable and rechargeable battery. It has a riding range of 40-85 miles. There is a 5-inch LCD display in the front to check the multitudes of your riding zone. It has EB 2.0 system for a safe & easy commuting for daily life. 

M- 360 Adult Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike 2023

ADDMOTOR has launched ungraded M-360 Adult Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike which is the most efficient e-trike for people with back or those who are disabled. The three-wheeler design with a reclining position, this e-trike makes it easier to ride through uneven lands and roads. 

If you are on a longer ride, the semi-recumbent design gives you the maximum relaxation and makes your ride less tiring. M360 electric trike has 20” x 4” fat Kenda tires which makes it easy to go through the rough city areas and beaches. It has a front-mounted motor with 750W. This powerful motor enables this e-trike to carry around 100lbs of stuff and move swiftly. It has a battery power of 48V x 20Ah with a capacity of 960WH. It has a riding range of up to 85 miles. It has 180mm disc brakes which have a better balance to stop slowly. It also comes with an integrated headlight and taillight. 


M-330 P7 Electric Fat Trike

M-330 P7 Electric Fat Trike is another three-wheeler, which is a spacious and balancedelectric trike than any old-fashioned two-wheeler bicycle. It has fat tires which give an easy grip to travel on rough roads. Its powerful motor has 750W with a 20AH durable battery with a great riding range of up to 85+ miles. 

It has a distinctive feature in that its front and rear tires have different sizes and all tires are puncture-resistant. Its powerful front-mounted motor comes with 750W of control. This e-trike has a huge basket with a great capacity of storage. 


ADDMOTOR has an extensive range of user-friendly, e-bike and electric trikes with amazing features for faster, comfortable, and adventurous rides. The all-terrains e-bikes are uniquely designed to give you and ultimate experience of fun and exploration at the same time. Whereas, fat tire electric trikes are suitable for adults and people with some back pains. 

Both of these products are valuable in market, as customers like to have a stylish e-bike for faster commute, comfortable position, and modern ride.

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