DIY Move Your Car Across The Country? Watch out for Potholes and Pitfalls!

You’ve landed your dream position and everything is set. The only thing left is to get your car to your new home in California, but you live in New York, and that is 2,866 miles away… or about a 43 hour drive… are you really ready for this?

Why Self Driving is Not so Great

You have somehow found the three or four days that you can afford that it takes to self-transport your car to another state, and the obvious loss of income that accompanies this arduous task, not to mention the budget for food, accommodation, toll fees, fuel, oil, wear and tear, and so forth, you can see the picture developing right?

Read on if you are Chuck Norris, or you are into being strapped into enclosed spaces while tortured for hours, while listening to Highway to Hell for the @%$Tth time!

The first thing you should ask yourself when you have decided to get your car to the other side of the United States, or at least a state or two away, by yourself is, “How am I going to get it done?” Then start adding up every little (they are not that little btw!) expense that you will have when you self-drive your way across the country. You will be very unpleasantly surprised. Next, start your research into just how small the dollar difference between an expert auto transport company and a DIY solution would be. A good place to start would be Car Shipping Calculator | Nationwide Auto Transportation’s useful and free shipping calculator.

DIY Move Your Car Across The Country

Moving Your Car 2000 Miles – by Yourself

People move all over the country all the time, and for a number of reasons. If Covid has taught us anything it is that the office of today is as big as your internet access grid is, and this means you can work from home, and home can be where your heart is. But what are other valid reasons for relocating?

  • Your star has started college and you promised them a car.
  • You have been re-assigned. Yes, military moves mean meandering many miles.
  • Snowbirding is fun and it’s becoming more popular with many young professionals looking for a better quality of life.

Needless to say, the reason for your move is not nearly as important as the execution of this stressful experience. Let’s see what your options are.

Drive It Yourself can be DIY Insanity

Easy Peasy. Go grab a few snacks, put in some gas, throw in the suitcases and remember the baby… then hit the road to your new home, about two or three days drive away. After about 1000 miles you will start to feel like Paul Revere, well, at least your butt will empathize with his. Self driving is not really as simple as it sounds, read on to see why.

It is Not That Convenient

Moving is already one of humanity’s most stressful processes, now add the vastness of our great country, and you have a real challenge on your steering wheel hands. Depending on how far you need to relocate, it can be a drive that could take hours, and sometimes days… and so much can go wrong. By the time you finally get safely to your destination, if you are blessed and lucky, you are utterly exhausted and devoid of energy.

In the fast paced world we work and live in, very few of us have the luxury of time. Consider if driving yourself is right for you.

Its Gonna Cost More Than you Think

There is a misconception among many automobile owners that to drive your car somewhere, no matter how far it is, is cheaper than other options. If Mythbusters was on the case they would slap a big Myth Busted sign all over this statement. So what adds to your travel cost?

  • Gas – logical
  • Accommodation – you can sleep in your car, but do you really want to?
  • Food – You won’t believe how much you eat on the road over two or three days
  • Your car needs to be in tip-top shape for distance driving, and this could mean maintenance costs
  • Time – it mentioned a number of times

All of these expenses will occur, and that is if nothing goes wrong.

Your Safety First

Our roads are crazy busy and during this time more so than others. Do you really need the stress of worrying what could, and might go wrong over so many miles. The disaster possibilities are quite frankly, endless. Just the ordinary wear and tear can cause your car to depreciate more than needed, and what if you get a blow-out, or an accident. You haven’t even looked at the weather and the damage that can do to your car.

The sanity saver would be to book your flight then book your car with a professional auto transport company; and you meet again at your new home… ready for your new adventure together.

Your Other Options

You may have started to rethink self-driving as an option to moving your car to another state, but how else? Besides the obvious professional car movers, you could rent a trailer and play tow truck driver for a few days. Have you seen how stressed people look when they tow anything though?

You could try and fit your car in with your furniture – but that is just too dodgy for your Dodge, or Toyota. What if your dumbbells go through the windscreen? Another option is to sell it, and buy a new one when you get to your new destination, not always the most convenient place to be without a car.

In the end the choice is yours, Sweet or Sweat?

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