Drive Home a Bargain: Your Guide to Exclusive Car Leasing Deals

Are you looking for a new lease car but are not too sure where to go or what to look at to ensure that you really are getting the best value for money? We’ve all been there at one stage or another, and, lucky for you, we have a few tips that might just help you on your journey to finding your ideal car and deal that suits both your car needs and your pocket perfectly. 

Stick around because this ultimate lease car guide is going to teach you the ins and outs of choosing the best deal for your next lease car. Who knows, 

Drive Home a Bargain

A Good Deal

It’s hard to know if the price you are paying for your lease car is a fair one, right? And with so many options available, how do you really know if you are getting the car leasing without going to every single dealer or leasing company in your area? 

Yes, research and knowing a bit about the various costs involved with leasing a car will definitely help you, but so too will the tips we are about to share. 

So without further ado, we present our guide on how to choose the most exclusive car leasing deal you can afford and also how to keep your monthly repayments as low as possible. 

How to Choose that Exclusive Car Leasing Deal

Tip #1: Know the Ins and Outs

To get the best deal, it helps to know just what car leasing entails. Take some time to read up on the various terms associated with car leasing. Do you know the difference between leasing and hire purchase? If you answered no, it would do you good to learn a bit more about the options and exactly what you can expect from each. 

There are many online resources and sites you can turn to for great tips and advice, and this is just one of them. 

Tip #2: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Car Leasing

Leasing a car has a lot of advantages and disadvantages that will make a difference to the deal you choose. Know what you are looking for in a car, know both the benefits and risks of car leasing, and use these when you are deciding what car to get. 

If you want to buy your car at the end of your lease term, choose a lease-to-buy option. Make sure to read the risks and benefits of each option before making your decision. Car leasing is not for everyone but can have its benefits.

Tip #3: Set Your Budget and Stick to It

You know your financial situation best. Before the situation spirals out of control and you are sitting with a problem where you can’t pay your bills, set yourself a budget and stick to it. There are hundreds of magnificent cars in your price range, and you just need to know where to look. 

Ask your dealer or leasing company if there are any special deals available, and stick to these if they are within your budget. Read the fine print and take note of the terms and conditions of these special deals – they might just come with a bunch of hidden costs that will hike up the price of your monthly repayment. 

Tip #4: Choosing Your Car

You need to be careful when choosing your car. Extra bells and whistles may look nice or make it more comfortable to drive, but they can also increase the price of your monthly repayment if you’re not careful.  

Stick to your budget, and only choose cars and lease deals that suit this budget. The right car is out there – you just have to be patient.  

Tip #5: Comparing Deals

Don’t just take the first deal that you find that looks good. Compare deals across the different dealers and leasing companies, and make sure to be aware of any of those pesky hidden costs that might make the deal seem sweeter but will actually have you paying more in the long run. 

If you really have your heart set on a specific car, try negotiating the lease terms with your leasing agent or dealer. Sometimes, a longer lease period or slightly lower mileage limit will bring the cost down and fit in with your budget. 

Tip #6: Reading the Fine Print

Are you one of those people who skips reading the fine print? You might want to start, as there are a few things you need to know and understand when leasing a car. Read through the terms and conditions of your leasing contract a few times before you sign on the dotted line, and ask your dealer to explain any terms that you might not know or understand.

Tip #7: Deposit Vs. No-Deposit

Do you have some money set aside for a car? You can put this amount down as a down payment for your lease car. This helps to lower your monthly repayments. But, if you don’t have any cash set aside, you’ll be happy to know that some dealers have deposit-free options available too. 

Tip #8: When Your Lease Term Ends

Do you want to buy your car when the lease term has ended? Or would you rather pay the damage and wear and tear costs and move on to another vehicle? Know what you want, and discuss the various options with your leasing company to find out how to keep your monthly repayments as low as possible. There is a lease car to suit everyone’s needs and budget – you just have to ask. 


If you’ve come across a lease deal that seems too good to be true, chances are that it is and is riddled with clauses and hidden costs that make it an expensive option. Finding a lease deal that suits your budget is possible, making it easier for you to “own” the car of your dreams – at least until the lease term ends. 

Follow our great tips on how to spot a good deal and what to think about before you dive headfirst into leasing the first car you see. A little homework and knowledge go a long way, so pay close attention to the many aspects of the deal and make excellent decisions.

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