Driver’s License Guide for Tourist and International Students in Australia

Have you been planning to travel in Australia? Do you wish to have the perfect road trip on the Great Ocean Road or from Sydney to Melbourne? If so, applying for a license is the first thing you have to do. A permanent visa holder residing in Australia or a permanent resident can use his/her current overseas permit but only for three months.

Upon expiration of the given time period, you have to find a licensing agency like the Department of Transport and pass the driver assessments of driving schools EzLicence.

They might recognize your overseas driving license, but some countries do have a different licensing standard compared to Australia.

If you are a citizen from the countries listed below, you are exempt from a driving test when applying for a license.

Austria Guernsey Norway
Belgium Ireland Portugal
Bosnia and Herzegovina Isle of Man Singapore
Canada Italy Spain
Croatia Japan Sweden
Denmark Jersey Switzerland
Finland Luxembourg UK
France Malta USA
Germany Netherlands  
Greece New Zealand    

Countries whose licensing factors meet the assessment standards of an Australian license (e.g., security features, evidence of identity, and license training) are listed below.

Bulgaria Republic of Serbia
Czech Republic Romania
Estonia Slovakia
Hong Kong Slovenia
Hungary South Africa
Latvia Taiwan
Republic of Cyprus  
Republic of Korea    

People who claim to own a license from these countries may be able to exchange their overseas license for an Australian issued driving license. However, only individuals aged 25 years and above can apply.

Can you drive in Australia as a tourist?

Generally, as a tourist carrying a temporary visa, you will be regarded as a visiting driver and can drive in Australia with your driving license. However, in case your license isn’t in formal English, you may have to carry an official English translation or an international driving permit.

Most Australian states and territories allow visiting drivers to drive. However, to avoid any hassle, be sure to consider taking assessment and skills in driving schools at EzLicense for additional credibility in your current overseas driver’s license. It is also essential to know that foreign drivers can only drive vehicles according to the terms of their current overseas license.

In some states like Victoria, tourist and international students can use their driving license for at least six months of living. When nearing expiration, you have to apply for a Victorian license. 

How to apply for a Victorian License?

  1. Check if you are eligible for the license.
  • Eligibility depends on the type of license you will get, and if you are 22 years or older and have an international license for three years. You can get a full license.
  1. Check in the above list of countries to recognize your citizenship.
  1. Make an appointment.
  • You can call online on the department of transportation’s hotline
  • You must have a VISA or MasterCard for payment
  • A credit card also applies
  1. Prepare yourself for your scheduled appointment.
  • Bring your evidence of identity documents
  • Current overseas license preferably in the English language 
  • Driver’s license and learner’s permit
  • Test fees 

A driving license serves the critical purpose of notifying law enforcement that you are eligible and legally allowed to drive your vehicle in the state where you reside. Without it, you might get pulled over by enforcement and get into jail as you have no right to operate vehicles on public roadways, which can be extremely frustrating if you want to have your dream classic road trip on the coasts of Australia.

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