Driving at Night: 4 Steps to Ensure Road Safety

Driving is the most used means of transportation for the average person. When using a car, or any other motor vehicle, accidents may happen when least expected. Because of this, it is imperative to maintain road safety at all times. Every time a person uses a motor vehicle, they take a minimal risk of endangering someone else’s life. 

Conducted studies have shown that most road accidents occur when the sun has set, either in the late evening or the early morning hours. However, there are many ways to prevent them from taking place. We’ve compiled a 4-step guide to ensure the safety of both motorists and pedestrians while driving at night. 

Install proper LED lighting 

Often roads can lack the proper lighting necessary for driving at night and that is why the use of proper lighting is extremely important. For example, installing slim LED light bars on a worktruck is appealing to many people as the lights are useful and sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather, and pack enough power to alert other drivers of your presence. However, there is a more important reason why these lights are popular. It is because they ensure more visibility and lighting and are versatile. They emit a wide flood beam or a narrow spot beam and even a combination of both. 

These light bars may be used in many instances. They can be used as daytime running lights, fog lights on trucks or ATVs, off-road lighting, and even industrial and work lighting. It is also crucial to understand that not all LED lights are street legal. When using them on highways they should have opaque coverings, which ensure that other drivers aren’t negatively impacted by them. 

Make sure you wear your seatbelt

Wearing a seatbelt increases the chance of surviving an accident by 60%, this is due to the fact that the seatbelt keeps the passenger from being thrown out of the windscreen of the vehicle. There is a common misconception that the seatbelt can trap you during a fire or water-related accident which accounts for fewer than 1% of all cases. More importantly seatbelts can help a person from being knocked unconscious which can improve the odds of surviving any kind of accident. 

There are also drivers that argue that they don’t need seatbelts just because they have airbags installed. However, airbags are meant to be used for buckled passengers. Seatbelts keep the passenger at the exact place where they will most likely benefit from the airbag deployment. The best way to ensure safety is to rely on the seatbelt and the airbags at the same time.

Avoid distractions

Distractions are the driver’s worst enemy. The road requires maximum attention and dedication if one wants to travel safely. The most common distraction is the mobile phone, which should always be on silent mode or even turned off. Taking or making phone calls is ill-advised as well because they also present a distraction for the driver. 

Listening to loud music can also have a negative effect on the driver’s attention, and also presents a sort of distraction. The reason is that the driver might not hear sounds that they should otherwise be aware of. 

It is also worth mentioning that children and pets could be a potential distraction. It is important that the pets be contained in a carrier and children should be buckled in their seatbelts. However, if the child is too small to be wearing a seatbelt, investing in a special seat is avised. 

Do not speed 

It is estimated that a third of all motor vehicle fatalities are caused by speeding. It was a contributory cause in 26% of the cases in 2019 in the US alone. It is, however, easily preventable – the first step is to understand just how dangerous it is. The crash risk increases a significant amount for every mile over the speed limit. This is something that a driver should keep in mind every time they increase the speed. 

Speeding often happens because drivers are late or in a hurry to get somewhere. Sometimes leaving a few minutes early can be of much benefit, as the person driving won’t be under stress to speed in order to reach their destination on time.

Another reason why a person may speed is the influence of other drivers. Even if the person in question is obeying the speed limit others may not be doing so, it is crucial in this situation to ignore them or to just let them overtake. 

Final thoughts 

Driving at night is considered to be more dangerous than doing so during the daytime. This is due to many factors, some of them being dealing with drunk drivers and increased fatigue, as well as having reduced vision due to the absence of natural light. It is also important to note that the driver in question should always be aware of the other participants in traffic. 

Nevertheless, if a person chooses to carefully follow these steps listed above, they are bound to have a significantly more pleasant and safe drive. 

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