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Ducati SuperSport review gets a standard bi-directional quick-shifter, but the SuperSport can also be equipped. It sports a 937cc twin-cylinder engine that churns out 110bhp and 97Nm. The ride-by-wire system uses three different throttle maps to regulate power delivery, with power restricted to 75 bhp for city use or low-traction conditions and two other modes with the full 110 bhp on tap, but with different throttle responses. It won’t be as good as one of the Panigales at a track day. It is capable of taking on the commute to work just as well as a spirited ride over the weekend. It won’t break your back on the ride to and from the track.

ducati supersport 750

Ducati SuperSport for sale is a name that has been revived by the iconic Italian motorcycle manufacturer. It has its own audience to target after all. Those who prefer to cover the miles in a little more comfort and aren’t looking to spend £1,000 on the additional 44bhp. It Is an accessory. Its track-bred brethren from the Panigale range.  It also uses the same 937cc L-twin 11-degree motor, the same one that produces a rather modest 113bhp. It also has all the electronics that we now take for granted from a high-end Ducati, like multi-level traction control and ABS settings. It’s not identical that instead has revised crankcase and cylinder heads to make the ride that little more sporty.

ducati supersport classic

The Ducati supersport s price is also a bit of a pastiche of parts, formed from an engine pinched from the Hypermotard and a chassis based on the new Monster. It goes without saying that, being a modern Ducati, there’s a medley of electronics to keep things in check – and, boy, did they keep me in check throughout the day. It’s been cranking out just about everything else you can imagine. Its strangely imaginative lineup: the retro-futuristic Diavel cruiser, the Hypermotard that is an oversized supermoto—and the scary-fast, no-holds-barred Panigale superbikes.

It is more than happy cruising around in higher gears living in the lower rev range on its way to seeking out a range of 155 miles at around 50mpg. Max torque is made at 6,500rpm and the sweet spot in the range is anywhere between 3-6,000rpm, below that and the twin-cylinder motor will struggle to pull for an overtake. Ducati Supersport parts make things easier, the Italians fitted a quick-shifter and auto for pain-free gear changes, although the system doesn’t feel as refined as some and requires a little more encouragement with a firmer prod. The next undulating section in heaven.  The forks could do with more support here but the SS is far from tying itself in knots. Followed by the ultimate brake test and very serious braking at the bottom of the back straight.

ducati supersport 939


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