Easy ways to check if your car has been in an accident

In India, buying a used car is a very frequent activity. The majority of automobile buyers search the used car market for attractive deals in order to reduce their overall car ownership costs. You may have noticed some cars in the market that are available at an extremely low price and wondered why. There’s a good chance that unintentionally sold cars may be sold for dirt cheap, but as a smart client, you should avoid them. We discuss how to evaluate a used automobile for accident damage in today’s feature!

Inquire with the proprietor

If you’re buying directly from the owner, the most basic technique might be to simply ask him! The majority of the time, the owners are not afraid, to tell the truth about their vehicles. On the other hand, you should be a knowledgeable consumer who does not believe the owner’s claims without evaluating the vehicle for yourself. You can also check the vin decoder to determine the cost of the car.

Easy ways to check if your car has been in an accident

Examining the past

If you have to buy used cars, inspecting a secondhand car for accident damage can be an easy task. You only need to inquire about any insurance claims made against the vehicle you intend to purchase at the service center. However, because some manufacturers may refuse to share the information, we have other options!

Consult the professionals

Allowing professionals to inspect a used car for accident damage is the simplest thing you can do. Simply visit a GoMechanic workshop near you, and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll evaluate the vehicle extensively and tell you whether it’s worth your hard-earned money or not!

Let the bumper speak for itself!

If you’re inspecting a secondhand automobile for accident damage, the owner most likely had everything rebuilt under insurance, but there’s a chance the bumper was rejected during the inspection process and the owner chose to repair it.

Examine the panels for any gaps

Move on to the bodyline if you don’t notice anything unusual with the bumper. The first sign of collision damage in a used car is a gap in the door or panel. Examine all of the car’s panels for consistency in design. If you discover any design irregularities, there’s a good chance the car was in an accident and the panel wasn’t properly repaired.

Examine the paint

You can also look at the paint to see if a secondhand car has been in an accident. If any of the car’s panels have been repainted, you should inquire about the history with the owner or dealer.

Examine the underbelly

If you come to one of our workshops, we will be pleased to help you with this. If you can’t get the car to the workshop in the first place, grab a torch and slide beneath. RCC car check for rust or salt build-up on the underside of the vehicle. Simply run your hands over the underside of a part to determine if it is weak or has an excessive amount of rust or salt accumulation. A bent chassis can also be easily identified.

Examine the windshield

The windshield is another evidence of crash damage. Examine the windshield with care. A crack is one of the most noticeable features here. If you don’t see any cracks, check the windshield’s serial number and compare it to the numbers imprinted on other lenses. If the number is different from the others, you should inquire as to why a particular glass was replaced. As a result, an accident is suspected.

Look for wrinkled areas

Check all of the joints by opening the hood. If you notice any creased surfaces, it’s almost certain that the portion with the marks was bent in an accident and wasn’t properly fixed, providing you an advantage in identifying the accident vehicle. You can also see if the screws and bolts are in the same condition. If certain screws appear to be newer than others, you can inquire as to why they were replaced.

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