Explore International Locations At Your Own Speed With An International Driving License Malaysia

Exploring a country is a gigantic task, no matter how small a nation looks on the map. Trips and tour packages are often limited regarding the places you can visit and the time you spend there. So, if you want to explore the beauty of a country, you need a rented vehicle here. And an IDP. What’s that? IDP is an international driving permit or license allowing you to drive a vehicle in over 150 countries worldwide. So, how do you get your own international driving license Malaysia? Let’s find out.

Driving License Malaysia

How To Get Your Own International Driving License?

Getting an international driving license for any vehicle from SUVs to bikes is a quick and online process you can do from the comfort of your home. There are just four steps to the process, and you will be ready to visit international countries in your vehicle or by renting a vehicle at your destination. 

Step 1: Paperwork

When trying to get your international driving license, the first step would be to visit their website and fill out the application form for a new international license. Fill out the details in the form to the best of your knowledge, and make sure the details you enter are the same ones as available on your legal ID. When you are filling out the form, make sure you have your government-issued original driver’s license and your address where you will receive your printed IDP close to you.

Step 2: Verification

Once you submit your details, you will be requested by the platform to verify the submitted details. This will be done using a photograph of your government-issued driver’s license. Make sure that the picture is clear and the text on the card is readable in the picture. Failure to abide by these guidelines will often reject your application. So, take the picture in a place with abundant lighting and a quality camera.

Step 3: Wait For Approval

With the pictures submitted, your job is done. Now all you have to do is wait for confirmation that your application has passed, and you are good to go. In most cases, the confirmation will come with the digital IDP itself. The printed IDP will be mailed to you at the address you mentioned in the form. Once you have your IDP, you can start applying with the local authorities at your destination to get temporary driver’s permits.


International travel is ten times more fun when you can travel and explore the region at your own speed. You may even find new tourist destinations away from the regular ones with all the crowds. Plus, you will get to spend quality time together as a group with your travel partners. So, get your international driving license Malaysia today.

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