Features of the Best Car Accident Lawyers

With 12.15 million car wrecks in the US in 2019, personal injury lawyers are valuable. The best personal injury and car accident lawyers represent your interest, so you can focus on getting better. Here’s what to look for in a personal injury lawyer:


If you have difficulty understanding your car wreck lawyer, they might not be the best fit for you. Just because a lawyer uses lots of legal jargon doesn’t mean they’ll handle the job adequately.

Excellent communication skills are one of the features of an outstanding car accident lawyer. During your consultation with a lawyer, they should share their process and values in a way that you can understand. 


Your lawyer shouldn’t play to the gallery. You need someone who can share the facts and prospects of the case, whether good or bad. If they’re honest with you, you can decide on the best path with their counsel. Be wary of lawyers who inflate your chances of getting a settlement.

Features of the Best Car Accident Lawyers

Attorney Referrals 

The best Fort Lauderdale car wreck lawyer receives a high number of their cases by referral from other attorneys. If your lawyer receives lots of clients from their peers, it speaks to their reputation. That means that other lawyers see them as competent and you should too. 


How often does your lawyer handle car wreck cases? If they barely have any job experience, you might need someone else for your case. You should also consider your lawyer’s winning track record in court. Your case could proceed to court, hence you need to ensure that your lawyer has that covered too. 


You don’t want a lawyer who only does the bare minimum. Having a lawyer who’s involved and interested in your case promotes a positive outcome. An interested lawyer will show some enthusiasm during your meetings. They’ll ask lots of questions to get as many details about your case and discuss your goals. 

Professional Office 

Does your lawyer’s office look disorganized? Are they flipping through a pile of files during your meeting but failing to find your case? This disorganization may speak to how they’ll handle your case. 

How you interact with the staff at the law firm is also essential. Are they welcoming and willing to help? It’ll be hard to trust your lawyer’s competence if they seem unprofessional. You may want to observe how they respond to incoming calls. If the phones go unanswered when you’re in the office, that’s not a great sign. 


Ask your Fort Lauderdale car wreck lawyer for references that you can contact to learn about their reputation. If the lawyer is unwilling to share references, you might want to look for another. 


Great lawyers don’t come cheap. To reduce your financial burden, consider lawyers that work for contingency. That means they’ll only receive a payment if they win, which is usually 33 1/3% of the settlement. However, you may still have to cover other expenses such as expert witness and filing fees. 

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