Find The Least Expensive And Perfect Vehicles For An Affordable Insurance

You should not only look at the price of the car you want to buy but also consider all other
factors so as to ensure that you get the perfect car and avail the most affordable insurance for
it. Therefore, you should check out the list of cars that are least expensive and most expensive
to make an informed decision.


According to the list there are a few specific types of cars that you should consider to buy when
you want to buy an affordable insurance for it as well.
The Honda Odyssey made to the number one spot from its second place last year.

  •  This specific car has been the frontrunner in almost all available lists for a long time. If
    you compare the results of the last 10 years, this car has been the most popular one
    featuring in the top five names for 8 years and within the top 15 names for the rest 2
  •  This is because it excels from others as a minivan being familyoriented, meaning the
    drivers drive this car with most caution.

This keeps the claim history of this vehicle comparatively inexpensive limited to
scratches and scrapes and not many costly crashes.

However, you will see on further comparison that this year the rankings are dominated by CUVs
and SUVs. This also shows what is going on in the automotive market. LMC Automotive, an
industry tracker says that by the end of 2022 the sales figures of a truck or an SUV in the US
market will be:

  •  84% of all vehicles sold by General Motors
  •  90% by Ford and
  • 97% by Fiat Chrysler.

However, the report also says that there will be other vehicle sales of notable margin such as
the sedans, minivans and sport utilities.


Other good choices

The Odyssey is not the only name in the list. There are also a few other Honda models that are
also considered to be the least expensive and a perfect vehicle in the insure category that have
tied up with Jeep. While shopping you may find the perfect vehicle with affordable insurance in

  •  Honda HR-V LX
  •  CR-V LX and
  • Fit LX w/Honda Sensing that are within the first 15 ranks.

You may also try out Jeep which managed to attain an impressive ranking for the second year in
a row featuring in the top 20 of the least expensive category.

  •  The Wrangler Sport was at No. 2 spot
  •  Renegade Sport at the seventh place
  •  The Compass Sport at the 10 th spot and
  •  Cherokee Latitude reserved the 15 th place.

Since Jeeps are not considered to be luxury vehicles, these cars will turn out to be pretty bare
bones for you to insure at a low cost. Being typically off-road vehicle, the Wrangler is known for
its rugged lifestyle and therefore will be spared from the rough service life. It involves pretty
inexpensive and easy repairs with its parts available plentiful.

Consider the Subaru

You can also choose from other specific models such as the Subaru that had three models in
there different spots, all within the top 15 least expensive cars. These are:

  •  Outback 2.5i
  •  Forester 2.5i and
  •  Crosstrek

The Subaru models come with loads of the latest and active car safety features that will be
loved by the insurers to offer you insurance with low and affordable rate. A few of these safety
features included in all their models are:

  •  Sure footed all-wheel drive
  •  EyeSightDriver Assist Technologyto avoid accidents and many more.

These will offer you handling prowess as well as an affordable insurance. The best model
however to consider is the 2019 Subaru Forester which ideally is the top safety pick by the IIHS.
This has unique safety features such as the EyeSightsuite, lane keeping assist, and automatic
pre-collision braking which will make it a perfect car for you as well as the cheapest one to

The Mazda and pickups

You can also consider Mazda if you wish though it slipped to the fourth place. With different
useful models like CX-3 Sport and the CX-5 Sport, these are also theIIHS Top Safety Pick being
much similar to the Subaru Forester.
It may look like a small CUV to you but it comes with loads of advanced safety features that

  • Airbags at the front and sides
  • Curtain airbags
  • Hill launch assist
  • Rearview camera
  • Blind spot monitoring and

Rear cross traffic alert.
You will even find a few pickups that made to the list if you are not very keen on buying a CYV
or SUV. A few to name are:

  •  The Nissan Frontier S
  •  The GMC Canyon SL and many more.

All of these specific models of vehicles are very good for a bargain to insure considering the fact
that the insurance prices have gone up from last year.

  •  The cheapest option happens to be the Odyssey with a cost of around $1,298 to insure
    this year.

The Jeep Wrangler on the other hand which was the cheapest last year at $1,169 saw an
11.5 percent increase in its insurance rate this year coming as high as $1,304, a styraight
jump of $135.

However, you can see that most of the vehicles that feature on the list of the least expensive
cars to insure are driven by families. This means more mature driving. This is perhaps because
kids often travel in it making the cars’ inside much like a locker room for them.

Family cars win

In most of the cases it is also seen that the owners of these family cars are not very much
worried about small scrapeson the cars’ exterior and they often do not make any claims for
these or for any other types of minor items.
According to different consumer analysts, this is the primary reason why these family cars
happen to be the most perfect and least expensive cars to insure at a very low and affordable

Therefore, invest on such a car to have a peaceful ride and a completely insured car at a low

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