Finding the Best Bike Rack for Your RV& Mobile Camper

If you are travelling in an RV and have a cramped space because of the bikes inside the RV. As the storage space inside the RV is very limited. There is a solution for the problem you have, you can purchase a RV bike rack. However, it is not a very simple task to find a reliable and durable bike rack. There are many products available in the market which makes it difficult for you to find the one perfect for your needs. Thus, it creates a lot of frustration in a person’s mind about where to start looking for the bike rack. Hence, it is always a good thing to check out the guideline created before you purchase a bike rack.

Things to Consider Before Buying the RV Bike Rack:

People buy RV racks for many reasons, but the most important of them is to save storage space. Many RV owners have found it really difficult to store essential things because of their bikes being in the storage space and thus there is no room for them to store the things which are very important while travelling. Before you buy a bike rack for your RV, there are certain things which you need to know about these products. Always buy an RV bike rack which is of high quality and should be appropriate to your RV requirement.

It means you should buy a rack which fits your RV. When you are purchasing the bike, rack make sure you are aware of the bike size you want to attach on it. Also make sure it is able to take the load of your bike as the bike rack comes with different weight capacity. You can find a bike rack which can take a load of up to three to 5 bikes. However, the most popular bike racks available in the market are the bumper and the ladder racks. These bike racks are known for their durability and good quality.

Best Bike Rack for Your RV

The perfect bike rack is supposed to be in your price range but the most important feature it should have is that it should be compatible with your RV and the bike you want to transport. Listed below are some of the RV bike racks that are very popular among the RV owners and fit into the product requirements you have for the RV bike rack.

  • Bumper Bike Rack: This RV rack needs several U bolts to secure itself to the bumper. It should be firmly attached to the RV in such a way that the weight of the bike does not cause much strain. These bike racks are easy to attach as long as you have chosen the correct size bumper. These rocks are usually used in travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers and pop up campers. The only thing which needs some consideration is the distribution of weight. It shifts the balance of the RV towards the back. Hence it becomes difficult to park the RV.
  • Hitch Bike Rack: One of the most popular bike racks is the hitch rack. It is very easy to fit it in the front or the back of the RV. It is very simple to transfer this rack from one RV to another and you don’t have to be concerned if it would fit the other vehicle or not. The only thing which is needed is the RV should have a pre-installed trailer hitch, which has a square port so that the rack can be fixed on to it. You can always purchase one and install it if you wish to use the bike rack.
  • Ladder Bike Rack: These bike racks are hooked or strapped onto ladder steps without tool usage. They can be easily fixed to the RV and require very little space. However, their option for carrying a bike is limited to two. The bikes are not easily accessible, unless the ladder is very low to the ground or you are tall.

Trailer Tongue Rack: These racks allow your bike to be stored in front of the trailer through a mount attached to the tongue generally where the trailer connects to the hitch vehicle. These tongues can be available in multiple sizes and are somewhat difficult and expensive to customize according to what your requirements may be. Even though people face difficulties while setting it up it is one of the most popular RV racks as it is very convenient to go with this RV rack

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