Ford GT 2019 Price Photos & Specs

Ford GT 2019 is the fighter hyper car that comes in a wild style track star. A twin turbo engine with 3.5 liter V 6 in gives seven speed dual clutch automatic to route its 647 Horse Power on the ground. It has an adjustable suspension, active arrow elements, carbon fiber add to the GT performance. Ford GT for sale has big tires to provide huge amount of grip and when the suspension is turned for sports it turns in to surprisingly refined. It features carbon fiber A-pillars. It is the complete model of modern touch considers that this type of carbon fiber wasn’t invented before. Ford GT top speed is an special addition GT also get silver mirror caps, new set of 1 piece 20 inches aluminum wheels, orange brake calipers with high gloss dark stainless finishing and black lug nuts.

ford gt for sale

Ford GT automatic interior is another matter entirely. The car is dressed up with heritage edition cabin with splash of a retro that is spread throughout the space. The seats, pillars, instrument panel and also steering wheel are covered with ebony alcantara. Ford GT diecast comes up and there is no detail that is too small for a car that wears like iconic livery. Gorgeous instrument panel, X-bezels, doors wearing high gloss dark stainless steel finishes. There is a carbon fiber that you can see adoring the door sills, center console and air vents. You can have a car that produces 550 pound feet of screaming produced torque. Its powerful figures allow the supercart sprint from 0 to 50 MPH within 40 seconds before it peaks at the top speed of 200 MPH.

ford gt top speed

Ford GT model is complete with red rear turn signals and navigation aid system that lets you know that there is anything existing closes by. There is tiny luggage space at behind the engines under the rear cover that is build by the law of French requires we carry. Since, Ford GT price has become the magnet for race fans.

ord gt automatic

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