French Birth Certificate FAQ

This FAQ section mentions a series of questions regarding the translation services of French birth certificates. The purpose is to inform the reader of the complexities and red tape involving such matter.

Where can I obtain my French birth certificate?

You can apply for your French birth certificate online here. If you cannot apply for it online, visit the local mayor’s office present in the city or location of the birth. Fill out the required forms, fill in the necessary format, and submit them at the office.

What is mentioned in the French birth certificate?

The French birth certificate mentions the following particulars:

  • Name of the applicant
  • Time of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Father’s full name
  • Mother’s full name, including her maiden name.

What are the charges for requesting a French birth certificate?

The French birth certificate request is absolutely free. It is a public charge without any charge. You can attain a separate copy for translation of the French birth certificate.

Will my child be interviewed for French passport purposes?

Children less than the age of 16 are not required to be interviewed for their passports. However, children above the age of 16 must provide an interview as per French laws.

How do I obtain a certified copy of my French birth certificate?

You can visit the town hall or the local municipal to attain a certified copy if you are born in France. You can also submit an online application. However, if you were born abroad, set an appointment with the French civil registration central services to learn more about the translation of French birth certificate.

How do I collect my family book or livret de famille?

A French family book is automatically provided when a marriage certificate request is completed. Moreover, it is also provided to unmarried couples at the birth of their first child.

How do I declare the birth of my children if I am a French citizen living abroad?

You can declare the birth of your children within the first month of their birth to the French consulate. The clients are required to scan the required documents and email them to the civil registration service. You will also need a translation French birth certificate that has been notarized for its authenticity.

Is a French birth certificate amendable?

The original birth certificate comes with margins that include birth details. However, age, adoption, French nationality, marriage, and change of name details are mentioned in the exact translation of French birth certificate.

What is the three-month rule?

Because of the constant amendments, a French consulate requires a birth certificate copy no longer than three months old. The same rule applies to UK residents, even though the practice is irrelevant across the globe.

Do French citizens have a birth certificate?

The citizens are legally required to own a French birth certificate used by the civil registrar. Marriage, births, and death are known as vital events because of their critical importance and a translation of French birth certificates.

What is French DNA?

If your DNA matches with French DNA, it means a significant portion of your DNA is a close match with French ancestry and related bloodline.

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