Have An Outdoorsy Kid? Here Are Some Interesting Gift Ideas For Your Little Adventurer

In the age and time when kids spend most of their time amidst gadgets and screens, an outdoorsy kid is rare. If your kids love spending time outdoors, count it as a blessing. 

Whether it is their birthday or you want to spoil them, we have listed some gift ideas that your little adventure lover would like. Take a look! 

Walkie Talkies 

Not every technology confine kids to their homes. Some technologies encourage them to go out in the open and have some fun, such as walkie talkies. Although a walkie-talkie is a primitive technology with a series of successors, it has still retained the thrill that comes with using it. 

Most outdoorsy kids enjoy using walkie talkies while hiking, camping, exploring new places, playing outdoor games like hide and seek, or just having fun with their friends. 


If your kids love spending time outdoors, gifting them a hammock would be a perfect idea. They would love to hop up on the 20 x 40 pole tent and chill under the sky with a book in hand. Or, maybe, they would love to use it on their camping trip. 

Inflatable kayak 

Kayaking is an interesting water adventure activity, and if your little one is inclined towards it, gift them an inflatable two-person kayak. 

Buy an easy-to-set and easy-to-control recreational kayak, and make sure it conforms to the paddler’s size. Your kids are going to have a great time with you on the water. 

Instant pop-up tent

An instant pop-up tent makes up for a perfect gift for kids who love camping. These tents are comfortable, easy to handle, and very practical. With no need for ropes and pegs, kids will face no tough time popping it up all by themselves. Sleeping in their little tent will amplify their camping fun. 

Even if you aren’t camping, pop up the tent in your backyard or garden and let them enjoy a peaceful slumber under the open sky. 

Sleeping bag 

A sleeping bag is an essential component of the armoury of children who enjoy camping or just sleeping under the blanket of stars. 

While making this purchase, make sure the fabric is waterproof and breathable.  

Kids motorbike 

If your children love adventure, what could be a better gifting option than a motorbike? 

Kids motorbikes are really fun, safe and they teach kids a lot about balance, motor skills, and being responsible. It’s almost every child’s dream to have one and if your child loves the outdoors, he will certainly be thrilled about it. 

Make sure if you are going for a bike, you also gift them a high-quality branded kids motorbike helmet that offers maximum coverage and optimum protection. Check the sturdiness of the outer shell and the comfort of the inner side. Most importantly, buy a helmet that conforms to the size of the wearer’s head. 

A telescope kit 

Space, sun, moon, planets, and stars- if these things fascinate your kids, give them a telescope kit. Check the markets for telescope kits for children that come with a compass, multiple eyepieces, activity guides, and other such accessories. 


More often than not, an outdoorsy kid is always curious. Give them a closer look at everything that fascinates them by giving them binoculars. They would enjoy seeing a close-up of the world around them. 

It would become their most favourite accessory during hiking and camping. 

The bottom line 

“Restore balance. Most kids have technology, school, and extracurricular activities covered. It’s time to add a pinch of adventure, a sprinkle of sunshine, and a big handful of outdoor play.”- Penny Whitehouse. 

Furthermore, fuel their outdoor play and make it more fun and meaningful with these interesting gifts for your little adventure lovers. 

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