Here Are 10 Things to Consider Before Filing a Third-Party Bike Insurance Claim

When you are involved in a car accident and are wounded as a result of another person’s negligence, you are entitled to third-party insurance compensation. Generally speaking, if you injure a third person or damage third-party property, you must pay for the loss through your own third-party two-wheeler insurance policy. Check out this post to learn everything there is to know about third-party claims and what you should and should not do in such a situation.

Let’s have a look at a few things you need to know about third party claims:

1.Don’t leave the spot

Immediately, you must remember to remain calm and to handle the issue wisely. Never leave the scene of an accident, whether it was your fault or the other person’s. Get off your bike, analyze the situation, and take appropriate action.

2.Lodge an FIR

You must file an FIR with the authorities. This is critical since the accident could result in serious injury, property damage, or even death. Aside from that, the FIR is a necessary document for filing a claim on the bike insurance policy.

Bike Insurance Claim

3.Inform the insurance provider

Notify the insurance company as soon as possible. If you wait too long, your claim may not be acknowledged. It is best to phone the customer service number from the location itself and alert them. If you are not seriously hurt, you should try this. Otherwise, seek medical attention first.

4.Collect evidence

You must gather evidence at the scene of the accident. Take photos of your own bike, some other vehicle involved, the persons injured, and so on. Gather the phone numbers of some spectators as well. The information you obtain will be useful during a third-party two-wheeler insurance claim.

5. Exchange information

You must also exchange contact information with the owner of the other vehicle. You may require his/her bike insurance policy details in order to file your claim, and he/she may require yours. So don’t go without finishing this crucial step.

6. Be honest

When making a claim, be completely truthful. You simply cannot afford to lie. Accept responsibility if this was your fault. The insurance will do a rigorous investigation before issuing the claim amount, therefore the truth will eventually come to light.

7.File in the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal

You must submit a claim to the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal. After the tribunal grants the go-ahead, you will be able to file your third-party two-wheeler insurance claim.

8.Stay within insurance limits

To be qualified for a claim, you must follow the regulations set forth by your insurance carrier. If you’re inebriated, don’t ride your bike. Allowing a minor friend or family to ride it is not permitted. If the accident occurs when a rule is broken, your claim will be rejected right away.

9.Submit the correct documents

Learn about the documentation you’ll need when purchasing a plan or renewing your two wheeler insurance online. Every insurance provider’s website prominently displays the list. You avoid any snags in the claim procedure, make sure to submit the relevant documentation.

10.Settle the claim amount

Check and approve the claim amount before it is deposited into your bank account. If you believe the sum is insufficient, contact the insurer and request a review. If you are still dissatisfied, consult with your lawyer and get a legal verification.

When you buy  third party bike insurance or renew your two-wheeler insurance online, it is critical that you understand the claim process. You never know when an emergency will occur and you’ll need to file a claim. So, be ready and make full use of your insurance coverage.

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