Holiday Parking Lot Fender Bender: Tips for Handling the Unexpected 

At peak holiday hours, the mall parking lot is a frenzy of energy as people like you desperately find a place to park. Throw in pedestrians, poorly designed lots, towering SUVs, and the typical Canadian winter weather blocking your view, and these shopping centres can be tricky to navigate. 

You can have your head on a swivel and still miss something. Next thing you know, the person ahead of you slams on their brakes and you can’t stop in time. 

Photo aerial view of many cars parked for sale and people customers walking on car market or parking lot in winter

Are Your Savings Ready for a Surprise Repair This Holiday?

In a regular collision, you might exchange information with the other driver and let insurance take care of the rest. Auto insurance is a tried-and-true safety net for accidents that happen behind the wheel. But filing a claim can cause your rates to skyrocket, even if you aren’t the one at fault. And that says nothing of the deductible you will have to pay which, considering the fender bender, may exceed the cost of its repairs.

At a time when Canadians are already paying more for coverage, most of us will do anything to avoid a bigger bill. So, you and the other driver may agree to pay out of pocket for repairs to keep your records clean. 

But let’s fact it — the holidays are a hectic time for your wallet. You might not have as much cushion as you usually do to handle unexpected repairs if you tap into credit and use up savings to afford the festivities. 

If you can’t handle minor repairs that result from this parking lot mishap, an online line of credit can help. Searching for online personal loans in Canada is quick and convenient, so it won’t take much time out of your busy holiday schedule. You can even try to start to apply for a line of credit in Canada online to streamline the borrowing experience.

Like your credit cards, an online line of credit comes with a monthly bill and a minimum payment, making it easier to juggle with other bills. To make it even easier, use your budget to prioritize your cash flow and cover as much of your bill as possible.

Avoiding an Accident in the Parking Lot

Where there’s a will, there’s a way to pay for an unexpected parking lot collision. But it would be simpler for your schedule, budget, and peace of mind if you can avoid one altogether this holiday. 

While you can’t control how other people drive in a parking lot, you can control how you react to them. The same defensive driving techniques that protect you on the road are helpful in busy parking situations, too. 

Follow these defensive tips to stay safe any time you’re at the mall:

  • Consider parking at the back where it’s less busy.
  • Back into every space so you have the greatest visibility when you leave.
  • If you can’t back in, wind your windows down when you back out to hear and see better.
  • Clear your car of snow and ice to ensure you can see.
  • Open your doors carefully to avoid dinging your neighbour.

Above all else, be patient. Taking things slow and steady can help you avoid mishap this holiday.

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