Honda City 2020 7th Generation Specs, Features & Pictures

Honda City 2020 7th Generation sedan is professed with swift, comfortable and eases. Honda city was firstly introduced in 1998 in the market. Where as its different models were introduces timely with having constant public attraction. It is here by that Honda City 2020 7th Generation is now gone to release in countries like India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore and entire world with amazing Generation modification and changing. However, it gets amazing new powertrain, updated design and several wonderful features. This 7 generation Honda city is maintaining eye catching shape. Get a hot touch up with redefined bumpers and aggressive LED head lights. Honda signature is grilled on the wings on both sides with flatter shape that gives enthusiastic touch of bold and sports car.

Honda City 2020 7th Generation

Although, it is reported that New Honda City Generation 7 is more convention sedan with VTEC 1.5 liter. It also comes with an equipped downsize of 1.0 liter turbo-charge 3 cylinder engine. It is equipped with hybrid variant i-MMD with dual motor that maintains powertrain. 1.5 liter petrol engine with 2 electric motor is consisting that is better than Honda City 2020 5th Generation.

Honda City 2020 7th Generation – Exterior Glimpse

Honda actually considers the three box profile in general manner. Honda remains itself update with customer need and driving philosophy. Getting in to Honda City 2020 7 Generation it comes with long cabin booth proportionally. There is no roofline coupe in that ruins the sporty look of outright. In the front side, there is latest nine segment LED head light that actually seeks natural attraction. Also, there are chrome sticks that bordering the Honda logo. The Latest Bumper boats with sharp access LED fog lamps and embellishment chrome around them. In this New generation logo the Honda City is wide in width that calculating 1750 mm. Hence the front face of this Sudan looks like distinct fair enough. The Bonnet is ceased with 2 sharp strings hiding the way heft and adding such muscular touch in the front face.

Let’s move to the sides, the first thing that anybody can notice is the length of a car that is calculated with 4545 mm. It is the longest car in sporty look as compared to the previous model. This 2020 Honda City looks like a complete different sided as compared to other models. Its hood like id completely flat and is not merging with side pillar. This model is cohesively aggressive. When its comes to height it is calculated with 1448 mm that is shortest in either models. Although, it gets the large sitting area. It is made with 17-inches dual alloy rims. These Alloy wheel idea is borrow from the international market.

The all new ORVMs are mounted on the doors with decent normal size. Its tail lamps are wrapped around with unit individually. Its all extend with new path way of the side that serving the lamps as well. Although, the sharp belt is connecting the head lights to the tail lights. Giving the sharp look of visual profile on the go. Furthermore, from the rear to front edge the new Honda City 2020 7th Generation looks much wonderful. It lets you get a quick chunk of sleeking Z shaped LED lights in its self. Its features are dotted like a rain water on the side. Interesting part is, Honda is not using the chrome part on the sides. Mixture of dotted and smooth effect parallel is more tremendous. The Rear bumper includes an attractive series of 2 or one reflector on the extreme sides of over whelming design of vertical stack. Also, a sharp edge shark type antenna is mounted on the roof.

Honda City 2020

Honda City 2020 7th Generation – Interior Glimpse

Although after an exotic exterior overview it’s time to explore the interior. Honda City 2020 7 Generation is upgraded with complete insight interior. While exploring new interior design the dashboard looks too much professional and gives better preceding view. The features includes faux trim wood that is dividing the dashboard from the top in black to prevent the over whelming reflection of the sides. The car AC vents with round vertical stack. The dashboard is highly qualifies with sight view of -35 degrees angle. Wind shields are interestingly crossed to give an exotic 75 degree view. Digipad is added from infotainment unit instead.  This New heading Honda City 2020 7th Generation has little to no centre adjustment torque. It cool features host full connectivity of basic electronic options. You can get a simple car play auto android. It is also equipped with alexa remote handling. However, it works with full monitoring lane keeping camera feature. This camera is mounted on the right hand side of ORVM.

However, the touch response is amazing that gives you amazing feature. Honda City 2020 7 Generation is placed with fixed driving central fashion. Its volume knob is touchy with amazing controls. The current position if screen is middle that can be easily accessible from driving seat without moving forward. All is under your glare and finger tips. Moreover, the sound is amazing in entire system. There are 4 mounted speakers with 4 tweak setup modes. Below is the infotainment setup under the sitings of HVAC control. Much thankful to Honda controls that gives timely information of climate and weather. The Sterring wheel is redefined with unit sets. You can get and hexagonal glimpse pad with better layout and surroundings. Left behind the sitting arrangement the cluster and material of seats are comfortable.

Dashboard includes 6-inches multi-arrange TFT analogue speedometer. Its configuration is displayed with a simple showcase data and information of driving update and stats. When its come to display the host data is configurable to give information with driving update. Whereas, it gives full safety chunks before starts your driving. There are 6 airbags installed with 4 points seat belts for all the occupants seated. Auto head lights and rain auto sensor wipers are equipped. The whole interior of Honda City 2020 7th Generation is advance with much improvements of each and every margin. The whole cabin is colored with contrast that will let you feel luxury for sure.

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