Hot Air: Why Is My Car Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air?

Did you know that in some warmer areas of the United States the interior temperature in your car can reach up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit? Car air conditioners are an important part of guaranteeing a comfortable journey no matter where you go. There is no more important time of the year for your car air conditioner to work right than in the middle of summer.

Unfortunately, sometimes things fall apart so you need to be prepared for signs that you need car air conditioner repair. There are also great alternatives to staying cool behind the wheel like a 12v car air conditioner. If you start to feel your car blowing hot air with the AC on then it means that there are problems.

Luckily, you’re in the right place to learn what hot air coming out of your AC conditioner means. Continue reading to learn more.

Your Car Air Conditioner Has a Freon Leak

Your car’s air conditioner uses a chemical called Freon in order to produce cold air. The air that ultimately gets sent through your car’s vents and into the cabin starts as warm air but your car AC conditioner uses Freon to cool that air down to a comfortable and soothing temperature to keep you comfortable during the dog days of summer.

The air conditioners in modern vehicles are much more delicate than they were in earlier models. This means that they need a precise amount of Freon in order to work at an efficient level. A Freon leak in a new car is a big deal and it could result from a loose gasket or a damaged hose.

In order to fix this and get your AC back to blowing cold air, you’ll need to locate the source of the leak and fix or replace any failing parts causing the leak to happen. Visit this website to learn more about AC maintenance and repair.

Your Car’s AC Might Need a Recharge

If you’ve had your car for a long period of time then it is only normal to start experiencing warmer air from the AC. This just means that your car’s air conditioner is starting to run a little low on refrigerant. Part of regular AC maintenance is checking the level of Freon in your car’s system.

While your car’s aging might make your AC a degree or two warmer than it used to be, it shouldn’t cause hot air to blow out of your vents. If this starts to happen then you should take your vehicle to a shop to get some tests run on it. Most likely, you’ll just need to get a refill of Freon and you’ll be good as new.

Blend Air Door Is Stuck

When it is cold outside and you want to warm up the inside of your car, your car uses warm air that runs over your engine. That air makes its way into the vents by way of the blend air door. When you turn your air conditioner on in your car, that blend air door is designed to swing shut and cut off any warm air trying to mix in with the colder air.

This is what allows your car’s air conditioning to be cold and refreshing. If the blend air door gets stuck then you won’t get the cold air that you expect from your AC conditioner. This is a double negative because not only are you only getting warm air when you want cold air but you’re decreasing your fuel efficiency and wasting Freon.

The downside to issues with your blend air door is that it is in an area that is difficult to reach. You’ll want to seek out the help of a trained technician in order to fix your blend air door. The good news is that it won’t require any new parts.

Air Conditioning Compressor Isn’t Engaging

Every air conditioning system from homes to cars uses a compressor in order to produce that cool air that you love so much. This compressor works to compress the Freon in your car’s air conditioner as a way to produce cold air. As the Freon continues to expand from the compressor, the temperature of the air continues to drop.

If your car’s air conditioner is only blowing hot or warm air then it is a sign that your compressor is going bad and needs to be replaced. There are many reasons why your compressor isn’t working right. It might just be low on Freon. It is also possible that it has an electrical issue or that you’ve overheated your car’s engine.

Broken Condenser

Your car’s air conditioner also features a part called a condenser. This condenser’s job is to take the gaseous Freon and turn it back into a liquid after it gets compressed to create cold air. There is a possibility that your condenser will get blocked by debris over time and use. This keeps the Freon from flowing back to the compressor in order to make more cold air.

It is also possible that your condenser is broken and needs to be replaced. Either of those issues blocks the natural flow of Freon throughout the air conditioning system.

Electrical Problems

Another one of the most common reasons why your car’s AC is blowing hot air is because of electrical problems. Many of the components of your car’s air conditioner require electricity to work the right way. While the compressor and other parts could be in perfect condition, a blown fuse will keep them from working at all.

Be sure to check your car’s fuses if you notice that your air conditioner doesn’t produce cold air anymore.

Get Back to Being Cool Today

While an air conditioner in your car is a luxury, once you’re used to it you’ll have a hard time living without it. This is especially true during those dog days of summer. If your car air conditioner starts blowing hot or warm air then there are a lot of possibilities of what is wrong. It could be electrical problems like a blown fuse or maybe your compressor is going bad.

Knowing the causes of a bad car air conditioner will keep you prepared and help you get the fixes you need to survive those sweltering summer days.

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