How Can a Lawyer Help You With a DUI?

If you’re dealing with a charge of driving under the influence, it is necessary to have a lawyer that fits your needs. DUI legal professionals can help with numerous tasks when you’re faced with charges. If your DUI matter proceeds to the criminal courts, having a lawyer to represent your claims could make a big difference in the charges you face. 

A DUI lawyer in Tucson can help you handle your DUI charges, distinguish between all of the different types of crimes and penalties, and help you avoid conviction by preparing a solid defense. Read on for more information or speak with a DUI attorney in your community today. 

Dealing With DUI Charges

When a person is arrested and charged with a DUI, securing the usefulness of a lawyer can be vital. DUI legal support often helps individuals with questions that may arise as they’re dealing with the frustrations of a DUI charge.  

A DUI attorney can collect and explain the evidence available in the case. Also, if the matter requires a trial proceeding, your legal professional can refute certain claims that the prosecutor may use such as a breathalyzer or a field sobriety test. However, many individuals charged with DUI have secured the help of a lawyer to have their charges eliminated or reduced to lower penalties.

DUI Lawyer Duties

Depending on the factors of your DUI case, an experienced legal representative can support you throughout the ordeal. Your legal team can also explain issues as they arise in your trial case. Your DUI attorney may also hire the appropriate professionals necessary to serve as an expert witness or a private investigator for specific problems to be addressed in your DUI case.

A lawyer can be an invaluable member of your DUI defense process. If you face subsequent charges or when the charges increase to the felony level, an attorney’s value may prove immeasurable. If you, the driver, have been accused of causing injury to another person, property damage, or wrongful death, a DUI attorney can help maintain your innocence. 

DUI Aggravating Factors

DUI charges could include aggravating factors and increased penalties when convicted. Injury to others could increase your DUI charges from a misdemeanor to a felony, and the charges you face may increase in severity depending on the level of harm caused to the victim. 

Property damage and death also increase the likelihood of additional charges or a misdemeanor becoming a felony. More aggravating DUI charges could include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Endangering a minor
  • Manslaughter

All of the above charges and any DUI crime should be handled by an adept and seasoned legal professional to ensure that your rights are protected and you give yourself the best chance for the most optimum outcome. 

Avoiding a DUI Conviction

One of the most immediate ways a lawyer can help those suspected of DUI is through avoiding costly convictions. DUI lawyers help clients avoid charges through a trial case with a judge or jury panel but typically via plea bargain of some form. 

DUI attorneys use their ability to negotiate to decrease the chances of a worse conviction or harsher penalties. Successful DUI outcomes often require careful compromises with the prosecuting lawyer and it is possible to avoid a DUI when the plea bargain is adequately opportune for the prosecution.

Building Your DUI Defense

The most important task of a DUI defense lawyer is helping their clients defend themselves against the DUI charges of prosecution. DUI attorneys use plea bargains for lesser penalties or charges, and evidence and witness statements to refute evidence of DUI. Your attorney can also use the tools in trial to support a not guilty verdict. 

Your DUI lawyer will communicate all necessary and relevant details to the judge or jury panel and contact the opposing lawyer(s) to discuss relevant information and to make inquiries throughout the case. 

Hiring a DUI Attorney

Many individuals charged with DUI begin their journey to redemption by hiring a DUI law professional. If you’re unable to handle your DUI case without legal support, hire a lawyer where you’ve received the charges. Your experienced DUI law firm will begin implementing a defensive strategy while progressing through your case for an agreeable outcome. 

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