How Can I Keep My Parked Car Cool During the Hot Summer Months?

Did you know that the hottest recorded temperature in North America was 134 degrees in Death Valley? While your local area might not get temps this high, it might feel like it when you get into your parked car during the summer and you get scorched!

While you can’t beat the heat completely, there are some ways you can make things a little better.

Here are some effective ways to keep your parked car cool during the hot summer months.

Park Beneath Shade

Even if it’s extremely hot outside, parking underneath shade can make a huge difference. This is because when you park under the sun, this creates a greenhouse effect. The sunlight passes through the glass and raises the inside temperature significantly.

So if possible, park beneath shade provided by trees and/or buildings.

But do keep in mind that the sun isn’t stationary. This means the shade will change positions throughout the day as well, so you’ll have to consider how long you’re parking for and adjust accordingly.

Put Up a Windshield Sun Shade

They’re not the most attractive thing to put on your car, but they work. Windshield sun shades usually have a reflective covering made of something like foil so they reflect sunlight, away from your car’s interior. They’re also made with quality materials that’ll absorb any UV rays that come through so your vehicle stays cool.

These are also foldable in an accordion shape so they’re easy to stow away when you’re driving around.

Cover Your Upholstery and Steering Wheel

Before you get out of your vehicle, put blankets across your seats. You can also put a towel on your steering wheel. It might not look great, but these things will offer protection from the sun’s rays.

When you get back into your car, just remove the blankets and towel. The seats and steering wheel will be much more bearable to touch.

Get Your Windows Tinted

You might have to invest a little money into this solution, but it’ll be worth it!

Window tinting will allow light to still pass through your windows, but the UV rays will be filtered out. This will be better for your health and can keep internal temperatures from rising too much.

Do note that there are different laws in varying states (and even countries, such as Canada) for car window tinting, so check the local laws before you get this done.

Get a Solar-Powered Ventilation Fan

Purchase one or two solar-powered ventilation fans and attach them to your car windows. They’ll draw the hot air from inside and expel it outside, while also drawing the cool air from outside and putting it inside. As a result, it’ll make your car feel much cooler.

You might think that you can achieve the same thing by leaving your windows and/or sunroof open a little. However, this isn’t as effective. Plus, it gives thieves the perfect opportunity to break into your car!

Opting for a solar-powered ventilation fan (or two) is a much better alternative.

Make Room in Your Home’s Garage

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage, then you might’ve slowly filled it up with boxes over time. It’s great to have extra storage space, but is it really worth it when you have to park your vehicle outside and put up with a scorchingly hot interior?

Take some time to declutter and decide whether or not you really need these things in your garage. If you still need extra storage space after cleaning out your garage, then rent out a small storage unit. That way, you can still clear out space in your garage so you can use it as it was intended: to park your car!

By parking your vehicle in your garage, you’ll not only keep it cool, but you’ll also keep it safe from thieves and inclement weather.

Get a Carport

In some cases, you need a carport, especially if you have the space and budget for it. This is a thin metal shell with a roof that can go on your property, and you can still park your car outside with it. You can easily pull up to and out of a carport, which means you can keep using your garage for storage if needed.

Not only can a carport keep your vehicle nice and cool, but it can also prevent UV ray damage. This can prolong your upholstery and paint. Not only that, but it can also shield your car from things like wind, hail, and rain.

Fan Out Your Car Before Getting In

Maybe you had no choice but to park in a boiling hot parking space for hours. Before you jump in and drive away with blistering skin, try fanning out your car first!

If you don’t want people to look at you strangely, then you can just leave all your car doors open with the windows rolled down for a little bit before setting off.

Keep Your Parked Car Cool During the Summer

It can be annoying to get into a hot parked car, especially if you need to travel often during the summer. But by following the advice we’ve given in this article, you’ll be able to keep cool, even in the hottest of months.

What’s great is, some of these suggestions will also protect your vehicle’s paint and upholstery. So by taking some extra steps, not only will you have a colder car to get into, but you’ll also prolong its lifespan!

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