How can I pay my property taxes on time?

Paying property tax is compulsory. Non-payment can land you in jail in some countries. These taxes are used to generate revenues for the government.

Meanwhile, the late payment may also invite fines and fees. One may also lose his/her home, business or other assets if you don’t pay your property tax. To avoid late payments or penalties that may accrue from not paying your property tax on time there are certain tips that may be helpful. One of them is to opt for a payday loans in Canada to pay your tax.

Property taxes early payment tips

Paying property taxes can be quite a hassle if you don’t properly plan. More so, if the property tax piles up it may not become almost impossible to pay without taking a loan or disposing of the property. To avoid this, do the following:

Create a property tax account

Property tax is a constant and usually a fixed amount except the government makes some adjustment upwards or downwards. Based on this, you need a diverse way to pay the property tax on time like creating a property tax account where you can save for it. You can decide to throw money into the property tax account daily, weekly, or monthly. That way, the burden of paying your property tax would be lighter when it is due. 

Businessman Running Away from Tax

Low-interest loan

Taking a loan to defray your property tax may not be ideal. But opt for a low-interest loan or a long-term loan with very little interest rate. Low-interest loans are rarely published. But if you hire a property tax manager, you may get more feedback and the best low-interest loan.

No improvement before assessment

To reduce the amount you pay as property tax, don’t make any improvement before the accessor visits your property. Any improvement made before the assessment of your property will increase the amount you pay as property tax. Adding a building to the property increases the tax accruable more than making some improvements.

Property tax payment methods

You may not have to physically visit the tax office to defray your property tax. There are several methods that make payment of property taxes less cumbersome.

  • Electronic Filing

This method saves time and also reduces errors in tax calculation. It makes it easy to prepare, file and encourages tax paying.

Most of the time, this system gives you the option to pay either with a debit card or a credit card. This fee operates with a certain percentage when using the credit or debit card payments method.

  • Direct Payment from Bank

A direct payment from your bank is one of the best ways to pay your property tax. All you have to do is to provide your account number and routing number, then select a date for the payment. You can check if your Automated Clearing House charges a fee to carry out the operation to be on a safer side.

  • Cheques or money order

You can write a cheque or money order and transfer for your property tax. Ensure you follow orders or directions given for this payment.

  • Same-day wire transfer

You can pay your tax with a same-day wire transfer. This payment may require you to fill out a same-day worksheet and give it to any financial institution to carry out the payment plan. This process may likely charge you a fee but it is helpful in paying tax on time


Property taxes must be paid on time to avoid the inconveniences that come with late payments. Finally, you can opt for a payday loans in Canada to pay your tax.

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