How Much Does a Euro 5 to Euro 6 Conversion Kit Cost?

As regulations concerning emission levels in vehicles get stricter and stricter all across the European Union and the United Kingdom, more and more drivers are considering switching their old vehicles for new ones to avoid increased taxes, potential fines, and other consequences of driving an old Diesel vehicle – but can you convert from Euro 5 to Euro 6?

Euro 5 to Euro 6

What is Euro 5 and Euro 6?

Euro 5 and Euro 6 are emission standards for vehicles that are sold in the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the EEA. Euro 6 is the newest set of regulations that is currently in power, and it targets specifically NOx emission levels. Because of Euro 6, all diesel cards that are produced and sold in the European Union and the United Kingdom must include a Selective Catalytic Reduction system.

This system helps reduce NOx emissions, but is also known to be highly faulty and expensive to repair. If the SCR system fails, for any reason, your car might automatically limit the engine to minimum power, requiring costly service to fix.

Can you convert from Euro 5 to Euro 6?

While it is possible to convert most Euro 5 diesel cars into Euro 6, the process of retrofitting is costly. Also, most cars with a gasoline engine won’t be able to be converted to Euro 6. Because of this, many car owners decide to simply buy a new vehicle – retrofitting an old diesel can be more expensive than buying a new one.

All around Europe and the United Kingdom, you will encounter numerous Ultra Low Emission Zones, to which Euro 5 cars have no access, or must pay an additional fee to enter. Moreover, Euro 5 in the United Kingdom and some other areas have a higher tax than Euro 6 cars.

Euro 5 to Euro 6 conversion kit – what is it?

You can convert your diesel vehicle from Euro 5 to Euro 6 using a conversion kit. How much does a Euro 5 to Euro 6 conversion kit cost? A compatible NOx sensor emulator can be purchased for less than €200 – many times less than what retrofitting a vehicle would cost.

With a NOx sensor emulator, you can substitute a faulty NOx sensor that would otherwise cause your car to lose engine power. The device doesn’t interfere with the vehicle’s electronic system and can be installed to ensure proper functioning of the entire AdBlue system

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