How Much Does a Motorcycle Cost on Average?

Gas prices are on the rise. This is causing many drivers to consider riding a motorcycle for their daily commuting, leaving the big, gas-guzzling car at home.

Contrary to popular belief, however, motorcycles aren’t always more fuel-efficient than cars. Some will get as high as 40 mpg, but many of the choppers and cruisers will match the fuel efficiency of a standard vehicle.

Nonetheless, a motorcycle is a great option for those who want more fun and fresh air in their lives.

How much does a motorcycle cost, you might be asking? It all depends. Like cars, you can spend as little as a few thousand on a used one, or a whole lot more depending on how you like your bike customized.

Keep reading to learn about average motorcycle prices to see what to expect. 

Cost to Get Licensed

If you’re interested in buying a motorcycle, you better start with a license. There’s no point in buying something you can’t legally ride. 

There are a few steps you need to take to make this happen and it may vary by state.

You’ll need to complete a basic motorcycle safety course. Once you pass the course, you’ll get a completion certificate. Check out to learn more about the test.

You must then take your certificate to your state’s motor vehicle licensing office to get an endorsement on your license.

The fee for this is usually less than $20. Once you bring in your certificate, you’ll receive a new driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement on it. You’re good to go.

How Much Does a Motorcycle Cost?

So how much is a motorcycle? That’s the big question. Are you buying used or new?

Used Motorcycles 

Used motorcycles are a great option for new riders. You can get started much cheaper. If you decide you love motorcycling, you can always sell and upgrade later on.

According to NADA Guides, beginner-friendly used bikes can run between $5,000 and $10,000. You may need to invest a bit into some repairs unless you find a deal from someone who really cared for their bike. 

Also, used bikes are good for those who don’t plan to ride a lot. If you live in the north, where the riding season is short, what’s the point of buying an expensive, brand-new bike?

New Motorcycles

Most people would prefer to buy a new motorcycle. The cost of a new bike depends on what types of motorcycles you are interested in. There are many different kinds.

In general, you can expect to spend between $10,000 and $25,000, according to

Dirt bikes are usually the cheapest but aren’t great for on-road travel. A new one is about $10K. A standard dual-sport bike is a great option and will also cost around $10K.

Adventure bikes, which are great for long-distance riders who occasionally throw in some off-roading, can cost around $15K. 

A good cruiser or street bike will be a bit more specialized. The prices on these start creeping closer to $20K for a new model.

Touring bikes have the potential to be the most expensive. If you are aiming for long-distance, cross-country rides, you can expect to pay between $20K and $40K. 

Additional Gear Needed for Motorcycling

Getting your motorcycle license is the first step. Once you do that, you can go out and buy a bike. But your bike isn’t the only expense.

In order to ride in a safe and comfortable manner, there are a few other things you can plan to purchase as well. Here’s what you should get. 


The second most important piece of gear, after your bike, is a high-quality helmet. You need a motorcycle, full-face helmet that meets DOT specifications.

Cheap ones run about $70. But if you want to enjoy motorcycling and ride often, plan to spend more on something comfortable. It’s best to visit a store to try on multiple helmets and find the perfect option for you.

If you ride with others and want to be able to communicate, you can get a helmet that is equipped with a Bluetooth headset. Or you can buy a separate headset and install it yourself. 


Your choice of outerwear when motorcycling is extremely important. You always need to dress for the slide, not for the ride.

It’s not a matter of if you will ever fall, but when. You might be a safe rider, but all the cars around you aren’t.

Wear a motorcycling jacket made of leather or another strong material. Even if you fall going 5 or 10 mph, you can do permanent skin damage by sliding across the pavement.

Likewise, wear thick pants such as loose-fitting denim jeans. Wear comfortable socks that will prevent any hot motorcycle components from touching your skin.

Also, wear motorcycling gloves. Good gloves will be breathable, letting your hands dry, while also protecting your knuckles when you fall. 

You can spend anywhere from $80 to $500 on a good jacket that you’ll use forever. Gloves can cost as little as $20 for a basic pair. 


Always wear boots when driving a motorcycle. Don’t be like those guys that wear tennis shoes. Or God forbid, sandals.

It’s best to wear boots that cover the ankles. If you fall and slide across the pavement, or if the weight of the bike lands on your feet, you’ll be very glad you were wearing boots.

You can buy motorcycle-specific boots if you ride a lot. Otherwise, general work boots do fine. Make sure they’re comfortable enough that you can move around and shift gears with ease, but sturdy enough to protect your feet.

A good pair of boots will cost you at least $60, but most people will spend over $100 on something that will last a long time. 

Start With a Used Bike

So how much does a motorcycle cost? Most people spend between $10K and $15K, but there are plenty of options that are cheaper or more expensive.

If you’re a new rider, buying a used bike is the best option so you can test it out before dumping a ton of money into it. Unless you’re made of money, then by all means dump some money into it.

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