How to Become a Truck Driver: A Career Guide

Do you want to become a truck driver?

It’s a noble profession since the trucking industry is the United States economy’s lifeblood. Your truck driving career helps deliver goods across the country and keep the economy booming. It’s a colorful and fulfilling experience as you travel through the routes.

Before you become a trucker, you must undergo extensive career training. In this guide, we’ll teach the steps on to become a truck driver. Read on and learn more today:

1. Fulfill Requirements

Before you can drive for a trucking company, you must satisfy some requirements. You must be at least 21 years old since it allows you to drive across various state lines. However, if you want to limit yourself to a local route, you can be a truck driver at 18.

It’s easier to get a truck driving job if your driving record is clean. Lots of employers and schools give leeways to minor traffic offenses. However, if you received a DUI charge, it might disqualify you.

Some companies look for Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Research your desired trucking business before applying. It allows you to know their requirements.

2. Go to Truck Driving School

Finding the right driving school is the most important component for your truck driving career. It allows you to complete the necessary training to land a job. If you find a great trucking company willing to pay for your education, you’re lucky.

After driving school, you must pass a written and road test to get a CDL license. Depending on your location, the requirements will vary. Ask your local DMV for more information.

Once you complete your exams, go to a DOT physician. You must complete a series of physical tests related to hearing and sight. It determines whether you’re healthy enough for truck driving jobs.

3. Look for a Trucking Company

Fortunately, lots of trucking companies have connections to nearby driving schools. It means it’s easier for you to learn about them and find Class A CDL employment. Sometimes, companies recruit students as soon as they finish their requirements.

Most truck driving schools have job placement programs. It helps you connect with the best truck driving companies in your area. Use them as your ultimate resource when looking for the right job opportunities.

4. Complete Your Employer’s Training

Reputable trucking companies won’t let you drive their trucks without letting you complete a training course. The length and scope of these programs vary depending on your chosen company. Years back truck drivers were trained on how to replace or repair parts but currently, most truck companies have their own mechanics and prefer that drivers simply focus on driving. However, expect them to be at least two or three weeks long.

After that, you’re road-worthy and eligible for a truck driving salary. If you want to learn more about your benefits as a truck driver, look here for more.

Learn How to Become a Truck Driver Now

These are the important steps on how to become a truck driver. Use them to start your truck driving career as soon as possible.

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