How to Clean and Protect Your Corvette’s Interior and Exterior

Those who own a car know how disappointing it is to see the asset depreciating with time. No matter how luxurious a car may be, it is an obvious fact that it will lose its original charm and appearance with time.  However, as a car owner, you would want this process to be as slow as possible.

Taking good care of your car is the key to ensuring its longevity. This is especially true for a Corvette. No matter how splendid it appears from the outside, it still requires consistent maintenance activities. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to rush to a service station every week. Rather, some really simple maintenance habits can help you enhance the life of this asset and protect its interior and exterior.

Just like all other cars, this one is also extremely vulnerable to environmental factors and problems associated with it. Extreme weather conditions, road debris, and bumps on the paths can affect it really badly. 

Maintenance habits should be taken up by the owners as soon as they buy this vehicle.  However, if it has been a considerable amount of time since you bought this car and now you can see the results of your negligence visibly on its interior and exterior parts, don’t worry, as you still have time to mend your ways.  

Here are some amazing ways through which you can clean and protect your car both internally and externally:

  1. Rim Trims for the Wheels

You need to protect the wheels of your car as they are the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle. As they are constantly in contact with the road, they are bound to get affected by the road conditions the most. 

A great protective accessory for the Corvette wheels is the rim trim. As the wheels of this car are low profile,  their side walls are pretty shallow.  Hence,  you would see that these tires come with a substantially larger diameter compared to other cars.  This is the main reason why they are getting scrapped by the obstacles.

Installing rim trims in the wheels protects them from all the curbs that the car finds on the roads. It makes this one of the best c6 corvette accessories that you can get your hands on. At the same time, as you can pick the color of this by yourself, you can drastically change the appearance of the wheels and make your car look distinct from others vehicles on the road.

2. Coating the Exterior with Wax

The outer paint of your car is the most unguarded part of your beloved vehicle. This is why you need to go to some greater extent to protect it from regular wear and tear. For that, the best option to choose is to apply wax on it or some other ceramic coat, which will give it protection against environmental debris.

Alongside this, it will help you wash the car without wasting a lot of time and energy. The wax coating would make the rinsing quite fast, and you would be able to do it on a regular basis.

3. Use Windshields

The windshield of your car is also an exposed part that requires protection and security. As a matter of fact, when exposed to the sun for a longer period, it can get damaged severely. Rather than washing the dirty windshield every day, it’s better to get your hands on windshield sun shades, which are quite affordable and offer great benefits.

Whenever you park your car in the sun, put on this shade and it will protect your car from heat damage. Also, it will make sure that the interiors of the car stay cool. 

4. Use Microfiber Cloth to Clean the Car

If you still use the old, worn-out towel to clean your car, it’s high time you get rid of it. Rather, you need to get your hands on a microfiber cloth and clean the interior and exterior with it. 

A microfiber cloth is recommended by car manufacturers when it comes to cleaning the vehicle and removing dust. This is because a microfiber cloth is extremely gentle on the surface of the car and lifts the dirt efficiently. 

5. Use Specific Scrubs

When it comes to cleaning the interior of the car extensively, make sure you use only the specified scrubs for auto cleaning rather than going for anything that’s readily available. This way, you will be able to protect the interior easily without damaging it.

Ready To Drive a Squeaky Clean Car?

There is absolutely no need to rush to a car wash outlet every fifteen days. Rather, simple cleaning habits on a regular basis will keep your car clean and protected, internally and externally. 

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