How to Clean Stock Harley Air Filter

You must be looking for the process, How to Clean Stock Harley Air Filter? Harley Davidson is one of the trending motorcycles and the most popular strategy for the last 50+ years. Do you love racing? Yeah, who does not, right? When driving and going through the hard roads, you get some pollution inside the engine parts. The problem affects the engine’s performance and gradually decreases the performance of the motorcycle.

What’s the solution, then?

Check out the very trending for more details. They write about the Best Air Cleaner for Harley 103! Top manufacturer’s air cleaner or filter will save your engine from pollution and get you an improved engine performance thoroughly. Nothing is more powerful than cleaning your engine’s pollution regularly.

How to Clean Stock Harley Air Filter

Let us read more about the air filter, its work, and the cleaning process! Stay tuned until the end of the article. 

What does an ‘Air Filter’ mean?

An air filter is like one of the significant inventions of today’s technology. When you attach air filter in your Harley Davidson or any stock vehicles, you earn benefits by removing solid airborne particles, pollutions, and germs harmful to running engines. An air filter’s construction is empowered by fibrous pleated paper, chemicals, ionizers, and catalysts sometimes.

Moreover, your vehicle engine gets maximum fresh air and breathable level so that transportation conditions be like eternally natural and standardized. Some vehicles get lower in performance due to the engine’s sickness! For being that case, using air filters will spread effectiveness to the itinerated vehicles. Air filters are used for homes, hotels, hospitals, and transportation. And, we are discussing the air filter can be used on your Harley Davidson anyway. 

Benefits of a high flow air filter

The first benefit you earn through an air filter is its capability for performance enhancement. Once your motorcycle is enhanced with maximum power, it goes miles away without stopping its engine for once! It is true.

An air cleaner provides maximum fresh air to the engine’s intake system so that your motorcycle runs proficiently even in a period. Another benefit of an air filter is your Harley’s engine gets to burn more fuels. What happens next?

Your Harley motorcycle behaves like a better combustion strategy and gets capable of running by maximum power and torque capability.

You will get to gain improved fuel efficiency once you take the assistance of an air filter. Besides, the process helps you with the maximum throttle response. However, it is recommended by the professional that replacing your air filter once every year will help you the most as the air filter gets clogged, damaged, or obstructed by time.

If not changed, your air filter will not perform like a pro! Don’t let your engine be in the suffocation. You get decreased by performance. In this process, we shall show you how to clean stock Harley Air Filter easily and lovingly!


  • An air filter enhances the maintenance of a motorcycle’s engine
  • Restricts pollution, grimes, and roadside dirt
  • Increases your vehicle’s performance and torque system

How does the air filter work?

We have been face mask product during the recent pandemic (COVID-19) to keep us prevented from the deadly virus. The air filter also works the same, but it works for a vehicle system or motorcycle. When using, you get it like ultimate protection against harmful particles that lead your engine through the critical equipment and application.

No matter what, standard and stock air filters work similarly. However, top manufacturers bring their foremost aftermarket filter for the world enthusiasts. These air filters will pass clean air to the engine and get the motorcycle rid of dust, hair, and particles flowing through it.

Even if your motorcycle about to get larger particles, it gets caught by the air filter’s surface. The main work of the standard air filter is getting your bike an optimum filtration performance.  

How to clean stock Harley air filter; quick steps!

Step: 1

Firstly, you have to pull the air filter out of the motorcycle. How to do it, by the way? Hold the air filter and loosen the clamp using a screwdriver. You can do it properly, right?

Step: 2

After getting the air filter out of the motorcycle, could you keep it on a hard surface? Give a squeaky clean around the filter using a soft brush or microfiber towel. You will get out of the remaining dirt.

Step: 3

Do you own any air filter cleaner? Purchase one of the excellent air filter cleaners from the nearest shop or online. The cleaner will let you clean the filter pleats generously. After cleaning the filter, soak it for 15 minutes on the sun.

Step: 4

Now, clean the filter with a water pressure thoroughly, and you will get the filter utterly immaculate from the inside out. Try it!

Step: 5

If you go to a nearby shop for an air filter cleaner, try to buy air filter oil. Then, spray the oil on the air filter pleat. Don’t spray more! Let the air filter soak again for 30 minutes.

Step: 6

For the final task, try squeezing the air filter with a squeeze bottle. You will get the air filter new within several minutes.

Final messages:-

In this guide, we have tried writing about ‘How to Clean Stock Harley Air Filter.’ Hopefully, you get it all easy. What we love about an air filter are its looks and performance. Your motorcycle stays safe from regular pollutions. The air filters have their jaw-dropping price. The price is compared to be an easy option. You can install an air filter with a couple of modifications and within a few minutes. Why not spending some bucks and installs something better for the quality. Get your engine safe and sound and out of pollution! Let us know if any queries are left behind. Thanks. 


In this guide, you will know ‘How to Clean Stock Harley Air Filter.’ Plus, we talk about an air filter thoroughly and answer the following questions: What is an air filter? How does it work? The benefits of it!  Read us. It’s all about having fun, isn’t it?

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