How to Close More Sales as a Car Dealership

Closing a sale is a tricky business, especially on big-ticket items like cars. Many people look to buy cars only out of necessity when their old one breaks down. As a result, they often won’t have the funds for their dream car. 

The successful sales workers form connections with potential customers. However, their job doesn’t start on the car lot. Proper phone sales training is the first step in getting prospective buyers to come to your business, not the one down the road. 

These strategies can allow the dealership to close more car sales. 

Car Dealership

Take the Initiative 

Not all potential car buyers use the phone to inquire about the dealership’s inventory. Some may browse the business’s website, see a car they are interested in, and come straight to the lot. Others may be casually looking for a new car and spontaneously stop by. 

Regardless of how they get there, sales workers should monitor the lot for potential customers and approach them as soon as possible to ask if they need assistance. 

The customer often turns down immediate help to independently browse the lot. Always be ready to offer assistance when the customer is ready. 

Ask Questions

Creating a rapport with a customer is essential to closing a sales deal. Engaging them with questions will help narrow down the car options and build trust. At the start of the interaction, stick to open-ended questions, like what they’re looking for in a car. 

As the transaction progresses, change to close-ended questions. Close-ended questions result in straight answers, which ultimately progress to either a successful or unsuccessful sale.  


Listen not only to the answers but what the customer is not saying. Are they unsure about specific features of the car? Do they seem eager to buy but not ready just yet? Listening to your customers will help you identify the so-called ‘pain points,’ or the problems that must be overcome before the customer will proceed. 

Solving the ‘pain points’ won’t guarantee a sale, but it will move the needle closer. Keep in mind that statistics show less than half of all customers decide whether to purchase or not in the first 30 minutes. Time is on your side. 

Clearly Explain Financing Options

Financing issues are a ‘pain point’ for many customers. Securing the financing is just one of many concerns involving money. Customers already know many details of car purchasing, including that dealerships profit from extended warranties and customizations. Share this information with the customer as if they didn’t already know. 

Your openness and transparency will go a long way in establishing a relationship of trust and mutual respect, which are cornerstones of a successful sale.

If your customer ultimately decides not to purchase a car, it’s not the end of the road. Exchange contact information to reach out at a later time. When a car that meets their requirements or solves their ‘pain points’ comes on the lot, keep the customer in mind.

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