How To Commute Year Round on Your Bike

Don’t give up your commute routine just because of a little snow. Whether your area experiences a light dusting or some serious snowfall, find out how you can continue your two-wheeled or three-wheeled commute in the winter. Shop for fat tire bikes, adult tricycles and other dynamic bike types to enjoy a smooth, year-round ride to work.

Layer Up
Riding in the spring, summer and fall is pretty straightforward. Winter is when most commuters hang up their bicycle shorts and pick up a set of car keys. The key to winter riding is layering your clothing. You’ll quickly heat up if you have a longer commute, so experiment with how many layers you need to stay cozy without overheating. Remember to keep your hands, feet and head warm, as this will help keep the rest of your body toasty.

Practice Riding on Ice
Packed snow and powder are surprisingly easy to ride on, but icy patches can take some practice. Go slow, take your time and don’t attempt to overcorrect your bike if you start sliding on ice. Try to keep your limbs loose and, with practice, even the worst icy patches will be no match for your tires.

Lower Your Tire Pressure
One way to improve your traction during the winter is to reduce the air pressure in your tires. Don’t go under the recommended minimum, but most bikes have a safe range of pressure. Lower tire pressure isn’t as much of a concern in winter, as snow can cushion your tires from sharp rocks and other hazards.

Another option for even more traction is a pair of studded tires. Just like studded tires for your car, these rugged wheels give you plenty of grip in difficult conditions. They may not be necessary for most commutes, but areas of heavy snow and ice can be manageable with studded tires.
Consider a Fat Tire Bike

Compared to city bikes, fat tire bikes are an excellent option for a comfortable ride in the winter. Large tires provide plenty of traction, and these heavy-duty tires naturally run at a lower pressure, giving you the grip you need in icy conditions.

Wash Your Ride
Take a look at an older car on the road and you’ll see why you should wash your bike frequently. Snow, mud and road salt all cause far more corrosion in the winter than anything your bike has faced in the spring, summer or fall. Keep the frame clean and the chain lubricated to protect your ride for year-round commuting. Preventative maintenance is far more affordable than replacing rusted components.

Cruise Confidently with a Bike Designed for Your Body Type
Commuting all year round is a great way to stay active and promote a more environmentally friendly transportation option. If you’re not happy with your everyday commuter, shop for men’s and women’s cruiser bike options online. Enjoy a bike designed for your body shape and commuting style. From a flat tire to a hybrid, a leading online store will have the options you need to crush your daily commute.

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