How to Do Wheelie on Cycle Without Gear?

There is nothing as exciting as the expectation of doing the first wheelie on a bike. Whether you are a grown-up or a teenager, you will feel the same excitement or thrill. Even these days it becomes so popular that you can see kids also doing this stunt to impress their friend.

But a common question about doing a wheelie that we hear a lot is- How to do wheelie on cycle without gear? Or Can I perform a wheelie on cycle without gear? Well, you can easily do a wheelie on a cycle without gear just like you do with gear ones.

 Actually, you can perform a wheelie on almost all types of bike that comes with two wheels. And using regular bikes for wheelies will not let you down at all. All you need to do is maintain a proper balance with your cycle and know the proper steps. However, here this article will provide you with the steps to perform a wheelie on cycle without gear. So, read on!

How to Do a Wheelie on a Cycle without Gear? (Steps to Perform)

So, you want to know how to do wheelie on cycle without gear? Well, doing a wheelie is a manual task that requires skill and care. At first, doing this trick may sound complicated, and you may think it is quite challenging to master, but with the right steps, you will turn into a pro within a short time period. For your convenience, here, in below, we have mentioned the necessary steps to perform a wheelie on a cycle without gear-

Step 1- First thing first; adjust your bike seat to a position where you feel comfortable to pedal the cycle. Usually, setting the seat in the middle position is considered to be the perfect position to do a wheelie. And according to the experts, lowering the seat always helps to gain better balance over the cycle. However, you can select your seat position according to your wish or the way you are comfortable. Just make sure you are well balanced with your cycle to make the process easier.

Step 2- Performing the task will be much easier for you if you choose a large space to do the wheelie practice. You can go to a large field or on an empty sidewalk or a place where the road is spacious and not too crowded to be safe too. Also, it will be better for balancing and leaning backward for you if you perform wheelies on a very gentle uphill incline.

Step 3- Now that you choose your preferred seating position and place; it is time tostart cycling. When you begin cycling, pedal slowly and increase the level of pedaling or build up the speed as time goes on and you start feeling comfortable. But do not go too fast instead aim for the speed which is slightly above walking pace to pull off a wheelie easily as a beginner.

Step 5- Now hold the bike pedal at 02:00 clock position with your stronger foot ( the foot which you use while cycling to put forward to stop yourself falling on the ground whenever there is a chance of falling over ) topush down on the pedal to quickly accelerate while doing a wheelie.

Step 6- Pull up on the handlebars and at the same time use your stronger foot to pedal down to lean backward and lift the cycles front wheel slightly off the ground to do a wheelie. If you start losing your balance it is time to land the bike on the ground and end the wheelie.And that is it; you have done a wheelie on a cycle without a gear successfully!

Important Safety tips

  • Do a quick check of your cycle while you set to go doing your wheelie such as the tires air pressure, the clutch, the chain of the cycle to protect yourself from injury since if your cycle goes down while riding you to go down with your cycle too.
  • Wear safety gear to avoid small cuts, burns, and bruises while performing wheelies. And most essentially, never forget to wear your helmet while performing a wheelie. There are many cases of people who get a severe injury in their head while doing this trick. So it is crucial to maintain proper safety measures to prevent any kind of injury.
  • Do not ride your cycle at a higher speed if you are a beginner at doing a wheelie until you gain enough confidence. If you pedal too fast or go at a higher level of speed you will not be able to control your bike and may end up by getting an injury by falling on the ground.
  • Also, do not try to do larger wheelies if you are a beginner rather opt for smaller ones. When you see you are comfortable to maintain balance while doing wheelies you can gradually opt for larger ones because, with more practice, the trick will slowly become easier to do for you.
  • Last but not least, do not keep the whole weight of your body over the handlebars when you are doing a wheelie and your cycle’s front tire pops up in the air. There will always be a possible chance of falling on the ground and getting an injury if you put your body weight on the handlebars while performing the wheelie.


Doing a wheelie is a great way to impress friends. It also can come handy for you to cross obstacles while riding in the mountains. Though at first it seems quite challenging to master this trick and there is some possible danger behind it, it will be an easy pie for you if you put the time in learning and practice a lot.

Hopefully, you now know- How to do wheelie on cycle without gear? And, if you follow all the steps as mentioned above correctly you will be able to do a wheelie successfully on a cycle without gear.

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