How to Install Motorsport Parts

It is typical to feel giddy after buying new parts for your motorcycle upgrade. Parts bought at shops like Teknik Motorsports can easily be installed if you have the proper tools. If you feel like you want to tinker with your motorbike and install the upgraded parts yourself, this article will provide you with an overview of how to do it. Embarking on this kind of project will allow you to learn basic mechanics and explore the intricacies of your motorcycle. Working with fork seals, shock absorbers, and chains are some of the easy installation projects that you can try to build your competence when it comes to tinkering with your vehicle.

Installation of shock absorber
Having a good shock absorber system will provide you with better control of your bike. It will allow you to enjoy a smoother ride and help you get better traction when braking.
When replacing your shock absorber, the first thing to do is lift your motorcycle’s rear by 3-4 inches. You have to be familiar with the link that connects your shock absorber to the rest of the suspension system. Some bikes have an aluminium link installed in them, which you have to disconnect to get the old shock absorber out. Once you have removed it, orient your replacement shock absorber to the frame. If the connection is too tight, you may have to grease its bolts. Ensure that everything is in their proper place before you go out and try your newly repaired motorbike.

Installation of fork seal
The motorcycle fork’s function is to connect the axle and the front wheel to the rest of the bike’s frame. It is what helps your bike change direction. Typically, the most common type of fork you will see in bike shops like Teknik Motorsport is telescopic, but there are other variations like trailing link, leading link, and girder. The fork itself takes years before it gets replaced, but you have to change some of its parts regularly. This motorcycle part typically consists of two lubes, which requires a seal so that the oil would not leak out.
When replacing the seal, you first have to loosen the bolts by securing the fork legs and removing the fender, front wheel, and brake callipers. The next thing to do is to disassemble your fork by loosening the bolts to take away the fork cap, spring, and damper rob. You can now take out the old seal. Try to remove all the rust in the area by soaking it with oil before installing the new seal. Once you are done, put the parts of your motorcycle back together. It is as easy as one-two-three!

Installation of chains
To install your newly bought chain, the first thing to do is remove the old one. It is done by undoing the front sprocket bolt and breaking the chain so that it can be taken away. Then, install the brand new chain by feeding it around the sprocket. The next step is to use a chain-riveting tool to attach it to the main link. Once this is accomplished, try shifting gear to check if you have properly placed your chain. You may adjust the tension of the chain accordingly as you see fit.
Working on bike parts is not rocket science. Once you get one of these done on your own, it will boost your confidence when installing other parts. Soon enough, you will find yourself a regular at the motorbike shop, looking for ways to upgrade your beloved ride.

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